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UndisputedEra wrote

clothing.... recomendations get a bag from another store make sure clothing does not have tags or if they do remove them and simply find your size and drop then in a bag then leave the store staight away 2nd way go in a changing room for example grab 2 hoodies you dont want put a pair of pants folded up in between them and go to the changing rooms make sure the employees dont know you have the pants boom put the pants on under neath another pair of pants and yeah do the same with shirts and hoodies also i find it easier to like get a pair of pants hold them up against my chest then grab to hoodies and put them infront of the pants hope this helps


UndisputedEra wrote

Yo I stole a pair a while back I literally put them on and walked out casually I took off my worn out nikes and replaced them with a brand new pair and casually walked out depending on the store their may be employees at the back watching the cameras so I recomend however u do it you be quick about it and leave the store straight away if mall security appraoaches you they won't use force so just run make sure a bus or train or car is waiting for u if this happens mainly just get out of the mall area honestly this wont be hard get the shoes leave the store instantly and if you get followed by an employee or mall secuirty just run you should be sweet good luck bro