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That's how I see it, yes. It's how I try to do things, too.

I think of course, this also requires people to not think of anarchy as an end state, but a constant struggle to dismantle hierarchies as you can or come across them.

There's never going to be a "Anarchy" button, for a state as large as the US.

It's also handy to use as a model of thought for dealing with The Crumbles.


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I don't think any of this describes dual power, afaik.

Dual power == Build new systems that will replace the functions of the state, that are actually liberatory, rather than wait until after the revolution happens, which almost always leads to a vacuum of power, where the law "Might == Right" happens.

Build today, for tomorrow, is dual power.

Build alternative food systems, where communities can feed and cloth themselves, without the need for a state.

Build alternative systems of justice, that build and repair the community, without the need for a state.

etc, etc


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The whole "I dunno, work it out" IS organizing.

A lot of the "organizing" in leftist groups is really just a small group trying to get a larger group in line.

But yes, you do have rules for your fridge, they are just unspoken, and everyone has agreed to them. Consensus based decision making, in action.

That being said, not every anarchist is at the same level of anarchism, to be sure. You can't have a "no rules at all", when you have 1000 people living in a city block. Everyone has to agree to a set of rules, even if unspoken. They are known as "social mores", and aren't any less a set of rules just because everyone agrees with them.

But to your point, yes: I don't want an outside group "organizing us". "Us" can organize ourselves, just fine, generally.


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tilde.chat has a pretty smol anarchist channel. The politics channel is pretty left leaning, which occasional influxes of auths of various flavors, but they get squelched pretty quickly.

tilde.town is a pretty cool intentional community online, unfortunately, I believe they're not taking new members right now, but a lot of cross-pollination with other tildeverse members.


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I guess it depends on the form of leftism one asrcibes to. I oppose all forms of authoritarian force, regardless of if being by the "proletariat" (They can be wrong, after all).

I'm more of a "let's do cool shit here, and let others join us if they want. But don't fuck around with us, lest you find out".

Workers should be armed, to ensure this, of course.