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A conversation can be had, once initiated by the people that have the experience, but I would argue that the conversation is actually less about availability and more about the understanding of the people offering.

I've noticed heaps of questionable information provided by well meaning cis het' people that really seem to misunderstand gender. I think these types of misinformation can get people to transition when they should just be exploring.

I'd also add a cultural element, wherein some cultures had additional gender roles for effeminate men / masculine women. These cultural genders are somewhat the predecessor to the discussion raised.

Hope that wasn't too rambling.

(Another thought, I wonder how many of these "too easy" people are rich.)


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Generally I'd say SSH is more secure than web based login, but any risks are likely mitigated by the use of a reverse proxy.

My only thought would be a separate type of authentication (certificate or soft-token), but that may counter the idea of having the more flexible remote terminal.


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Pederasty seems to have been a reoccurring theme in Queer Anarchism - especially in "Individualist" currents - it's why most of the Post-left writers are "cancelled".

But it was also possibly a normal state of affairs in ancient societies,

Edit: Probably should have put a disclaimer. I was just putting information out, mostly wanted to link the "text/audio" which I thought was on topic.

Cancelled in quotes: As in the Authors are still read.


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Ewk, stop jerking off about religion and listen.

People don't like you, because you talk down to people, and insult them, stop insulting people, and you won't get downvoted. Try it sometime.

This space exists due to the time, effort, and money of Ziq, the other admins, and the people funding it. The rules are agreed by the community.

You are not being oppressed, you're free to leave, and find a community that is more suited to your interest in your demonization of your preferred outgroup.


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I would have approached it slightly different.

Something like (just an example, syntax is wrong)

X = 0
pyautogui.password("are you a moose?")
If answer = true then
X = 1
pyautogui.alert("wrong try, again")
End if
Loop until X = 1

Repeat for each question

You could also do stuff with an array or some lists to contain it all in the one loop, but I don't know the syntax well enough to write it off the top of my head.


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Reply to comment by ziq in Fuck the metaverse by ziq

Don't worry, soon enough they'll start giving incentives to come live in their pods.

So they can rent out your unused synapses, for distributed computing.


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I don't really actually have an interest to continue this, since I wasn't really defending them, just discussing perspectives. I probably should have been more clear from the start.

But, I propose the question, why is Feminism more sacred than Anarchism to you?


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All anarchists are radically democratic and those that aren't are called ancaps

An-caps support democracy, what are you talking about, Right-Populism is a core tenet of An-caps philosophy. You're not really providing a strong argument.

Except that anarchists have always supported radical democracy

If you can provide some sort proof, that would be great, and I don't mean this article, it's not a good article.