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There's nothing wrong with GPS sensors, from a privacy point-of-view. That's a common misconception.

They receive. They do not send.

The data they generate can be abused by malware like Facebook or whatever, but if you're compromised on that level, the malware will be tracking your location already without GPS by using triangulation


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I actually agree with this. Anarchists say, "Voting isn't important! It won't make a difference!" Ok, sure, but voting is easy (took me ten minutes last time) and abstaining doesn't make a difference either.

Why not vote? Don't spread that rhetoric about how it's the most important thing you can do – it's not – but do it anyway.

I don't buy that voting "legitimises" the state. The state is not harmed by a low voter turnout.


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Stoicism back in the day was probably thousands of books and teachings. We only have about five surviving books, so a big part of the honest answer about Stoicism is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I don't have any particular disagreement with any of the teachings.

All Stoic teachings I've also found in dharmic teachings; the reverse is not true.

I still think it's quite misogynistic especially considering what its original proponents stood for and/or did in their lifetimes.

Seems irrelevant to me. If someone says, "Considering that material possessions are transient will create peace of mind", either that claim is true or not. Scrutinising their life in some moralistic way doesn't make the claim any more or less true.