Trashman wrote

If you want a pretty excellent example of an internet meltdown, the r/linux community is the best example of this right now. First when it was originally shared the poster included this entry "The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances" as if it is a bad thing. Currently they are attacking Linus' daughter and complaining about meritocracy and the silencing effect of being civil to other people (ignoring the silencing affect of an asshole screaming at everyone, or a community that attacks anyone who isn't a cis white man).


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I was there, shame those cowards didn’t show the second time to get their asses whooped. It’s also unfortunate the population of Nanaimo is fucking slimy and full of hate.
In the weeks following as well someone went around putting up posters of Donald trump with the slogan “build a wall around tent city”