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But you need to tell me how you determine the truth.

You can't just tell me I'm wrong, you need to explain how I'm supposed to do it right.

Left is a left PHILOSOPHY forum. Asking for an explanation is argumentation, and it's solidarity.

All I'm getting here is 'science doesn't know everything', which is fine, but you give no concrete explanation as what relevance that has in real life.

It seems like an excuse to say "I'll believe whatever I want".

There's no detail to the argument.


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I mentioned this to Tequila_Wolf.

The thing about administration is that whatever is allowed is a reflection of the ideology of the page.

If you allow nonsense, you are nonsense.

I'm trying to move away from a Facebook collective I've helped to facilitate over a bunch of years.

As an admin, if I'm allowing a 'anything anyone says is true' sort free-for all, that's the ideology of my group effort.

I've already been trolled by what I feel is completely unfair and nasty characterizations of what it means to explain yourself.

Asking someone to explain themselves is not an attack, but in response I was attacked by bandwagon of unfair labeling, aspersions and insults.

That's not activism to me, but a hipster group identity cult.

Unfair attacks went on, and no one seem to notice, but gave me only concern trolling and tone policing, because everyone seem to think truth is what the group says, not what the truth actually is.

It's really the difference between mature work and kiddie playtime for youth cults.

The way you admin reflects the ideology of the website.

I'm not terrible interested in fighting my way through this place to find a space for rational discourse.

just my impression after a few days.


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yeah, I understand positionality, but your seem to think all human brains are different.

I'm not sure of the scope of relevance here.

Are we talking about human brains as the scope of attention?

At that point we're talking about what all human brains needs.

I get the gist that you don't see the basic function of the brain is the same for all humans.

If you disagree, I'd like to read the rationalization.


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Is saying we all breath oxygen abelist, and that we all eat food is abelist?

Have have psychological needs. google it. Don't be afraid of social science.

Words either mean things or they don't.

We have human brains. We aren't all different species or whatever we think we are.

There is objective reality to human existence.

Don't be afraid of the truth, because truth serves the people.


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This is the mental health forum. You're not adding any information on how to create anything, but what you happen to think the self is.

It's just out there. It doesn't have anything to do with anything in real life except for your idea of what a self should be.

Tell me how to help people. That's the game.


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I want to know if people see the divide here in psychology.

It's hyperreality that people believe an individual alone creates their own reality.

"Relativism - the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute. "

The right-wing angle here is relativist. "Truth is whatever you think it is"

I follow rational-skepticism and science for my argumentation. Part of that is social science.

People that insist culture is constructed from the individual are relativist and essentialist.

The fact that every generation learns from the previous, and we learn our selves from within the culture, or we don't function in the culture, is self-evident. That's where social psychology comes-in.

Right-wingers hate psychology.


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I'm getting from you a subjective opinion on who to be. But I have no idea how you expect to have that manifest in real life for the people ... who mostly live in big cities.

That fact that you say you don't in cities, and think it's just about being who you want to be outside of culture, leaves everyone else behind.

I have a city to worry about.


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If you're going to write this:

"I also think your characterization of anarchist individualism is also unfair"

You need to define "anarchist individualism".

Why do you think your definition is a rule?

This is a problem of subjectivity.

The only way any one learns their identity is through the culture, we can only have our psychological needs filled by other people, and we can only get justice from the system if we act collectively. That's the beginning of collectivism.

Where does "anarchist individualism" fit in that?


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You seem to think that because you understand something everyone one on earth will magically think the same way.

I live in a country that creates a lot of systemic violence for the world. I care about the people my country hurts. I care about the people who are stuck in our huge cities.

Solidarity and activism don't come out of the sky. They happen between people in cities.

'hierarchical mosque system' -- weird abstract strawman.

OK ...I've seen this stuff before. Weird abstractions is right-libertarian sophistry.


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I take my words seriously, and I'm going to defend them against nonsense.

I know what I'm looking at. On Facebook I have control of pages and groups.

I recognize the argumentation style, and right-wing psychology. It's like mysticism. That's post-left and egoism, which are really just forms of right-libertarianism posing as anarchism.

They referred to mainstream psychology as Scientism, which is typical of right-libertarian argumentation.

On facebook I separated myself from right-wingers.

This is my first thread in this forum, so I want to figure-out how to deal with this stuff.


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Thing is, I don't know what meditation is. Everyone seems to have a different story of what it is.

I can get to spiritual feeling through thinking, but it's hard for me to not thinking creatively and actively, which is really my form of mental protection.

If I have try to meditate and stay in a spiritual mood I wind-up only being able to do that a few minutes.

I'm not sure that counts as meditation.