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you haven't said a thing. It's tough shit that I called out your bullshit.

If I see you post bullshit, I'm going to call it.

Don't troll me any more. I'm asking nicely.

Don't even respond. Just ignore me. I don't have time for children trying to find a group identity. Your's is bullshit, and I will call it out every time, so stay away from me.

Be a good sport...with your bullshit.


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Well it is a question for me, the relation between mental health and activism, which is a focus for me.

It's pretty simple to expect to not be attacked in the mental health forum for talking about legitimate psychology.

The accusations are getting intense from people who are anti-psychology.

That's not anything sensible in the real world of real work.

How can there be cohesion between anything if I can't relate activism to real science, in the absence of mumbo-jumbo anti-science?

I just at least be able to say anti-science is bullshit in the mental health forum.

I'm kind-of confused that people think that's OK.

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"For someone interested in truth, I find it laughable that you don't recognize the Socratic method."

What is that?

"I find it laughable."

This is too juvenile for me to continue.

You wrote a lot of words, and said absolutely nothing.

Try harder, or give up. You can't hang in the argumentation dept.

Give me a run for my money. <sigh>


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Who you are is contingent on the culture in which you live.

If you were born in a tribe 30,000 years ago, you would not be the same person, and you would not have the same truth.

If you were born into a present day Brazilian tribe, you would not be the same person, and you would not have the same truth.

We don't create anything without shared ideas. We don't create anything that works consistently without a shared truth. That's how science and technology evolved over time, after climbing out of trees.

If you don't need to do anything, you can believe whatever you want. If you don't need help from any one you can do what you want.

If that's the case for you, it sounds great, but people in the world need to share absolute truths in order to survive.

Absolute truths like: if you don't eat, you die, and the general desire to live.

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Education is a need many contexts for all people.

Children have a need for education, and science is part of education.

Science is responsible for the technology that everyone takes for granted. To not teach science is to prevent children from being able to fill their needs in modern society.

That's social justice. All justice is social justice for a social species.


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'Please quote me'

I have one thread in the RadMentalHealth.

I won't post again until I figure out if I can coexist.

Mental health is connected to feminism, civil-rights and community organizing. So my experience in this mental health forum is related to those issues.

These guys are saying what I'm saying, which is across many disciplines, is "Scientism'.

That is basically anti-science, which is completely off-the wall when it comes to working in real life education and social science.

On facebook I needed to separate myself from the anti-science people, who disrupt any community-based feminism and anti-racism.

That's a thing.


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Lets look carefully at the discourse.

If you're not raising the level of understanding for people, and just saying "I don't like it", it's not working for rational discourse.

It's like "I don't like what you say but have no obligation to explain why".

That's simply disruption.

I love to learn. That's why I ask people to explain themselves. That's how to learn.

Here, asking someone to explain themselves is 'authoritarian'.

On my posts, I call bullshit bullshit.

If you're not here for the same purpose, I do not accept disruption.

If I need to do what I did on FB, which was ban a thousand people so I could have space, I guess I'll need to do that if I decide to put more effort into the transition.

I'm going to start with the people I consider bullshiters on this thread, so they don't bother me on other threads.

Solidarity and collective thinking go together. I'm not looking for banter from guys who just do that. I'm looking to work.


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If you speak against child development psychology you do not speak for feminists and civil-rights activist who focus on child-development.

You really need to look at that line of argumentation.

What do you know about child-development as it related to social justice?

Child development is about psychology. If you speak against psychology, you speak against a rational pro-feminist and anti-racist child-development for urban communities.

Racism isn't always conscious. Sometimes it;s just through well meaning incompetence.

Latent racism is real racism. It's not whatever anyone thinks it is.


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Bullshit argumentation is bullshit argumentation.

Words mean things, and if you get reactionary when someone asks you to explain yourself, you don't get to attack them as 'not a real anarchist'.

I'm only here to serve the truth.

Are you willing to examine your own beliefs? If not, I can't engage that sort of discourse that has no chance of going anywhere. It's a waste of time for everyone.

Words mean things.