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In stores like walmart, Kroger's, etc you're right, the receipt checks are not legally required. But stores like costco and Sam's club that require membership to even get into the store have it written in their fine print that you must present your receipt at the door. It's one of the conditions of your membership.

You agreed to that term when you purchased your membership so yes, you're legally bound to it.

But any other store, to quote a certain McElroy, you're not my dad, you can't stop me, bye.


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I have two favorite conceal spots

I dont think I'd be able to get away with it at my local Js (too many times stealing precuts/findings right under their noses while paying for cut fabrics, actually had a conversation about shoplifters with one of the counter ladies when we were talking about where I work so she'd definitely get suspicious) but theres one a ways away that I'll try today.

I just didnt want to get anyone in trouble haha.