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Food time to fold right before you are caught. Its a numbers game. Find somewhere else to get a thrill. This isn't moralizing. Op asked for advice and the best thing for ops interests is to quit lifting and develop a legit side hustle.


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Jesus this is just wrong. The odds of you flipping a coin 20 times and it hitting the same side everytime are tremendously low. You are brushing off the biggest risk of shoplifting. You only have to give ofd that one que and you are fucked. Lp can be wrong many times. Its a total numbers game in their favor.

Not only that, if LP has detected you and your pattern and are watching for you then your odds of getting caught are not independent of the last time you came in. Shoplifting has many factors outside of a casino game of chance.


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The goal of business is to generate profit. Why are you starting a business with a model so limited? Your also exposing yourself to high risks with little reward. There are ways to mitigate these risks but why even invest your time with such limitations built into your model?

From a strictly business point of view its just an all around foolish endeavor. Put in some work on something more worthwhile and you can have your own shop one day where you can go in and take anything you want without such risk.


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It varies to wildly from store to store. How do you know that some LP guy about to lose him is job is waiting to take his anger out on the next person who takes a piece of scrap wood? How do you know what store has a manager that doesn't give a fuck?

There is no way to know this stuff unless you have inside information. But then when you pull off the crime good enough the cops are going to know it was an insider and bam you are caught.


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Coming from strictly a business perspective it is a failed model from the start. You are here doing market reasearch for a plan and you are already at the achilles heal. If you put a plan in place you will form a detectable pattern. At any sort of scale that results in successful business for you there will be more attention from losses of the company. Do you see what I am getting at? The more successful you are the more likely you are to fail. Its a stupid business decision. Your plan will have flaws and the only way you are going to learn what they are is when you get caught.