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calling people who critique you after you explicitly asked for critique “moaning”

I didn't say people who critiqued me were moaning, I said the person who has been moaning on multiple platforms about how indigent they are that we haven't been de-platformed was moaning: "Rather than moaning about why The Ted K Archive hasn't been deplatformed".

just be more honest to your potential users about the intentions of the website

In what way aren't we? The front page of the website states clearly that we consider that the project is in part attempting to fulfill a request made by one of the people Ted sent a mail bomb to:

Although the views of the people Ted bombed are undoubtedly mixed on many subjects, it was reassuring reading this request by William Dennison, the last person Ted addressed a mail bomb to:

I respectfully urge the court, Your Honor, to open all the Kaczynski materials, including the decoded journals, to public scrutiny in the expectation that valuable public safety information may be obtained and used to save many lives. Academician analysts will certainly be able to draw a more accurate picture of the mind of a killer and the connections to eco-terrorism if the original materials are in their hands.

There's a long about page being incredibly transparent that's linked at the top and the first item of the 'Introductory Texts' page linked on the front page. Explanations of the admins pro-tech beliefs are pinned to the top of the twitter account for the website, pro-tech labels are tagged to the accounts of admins on discord and never downplayed.

I also think calling your critics Teddites is pretty harmful

I don't call all our critics Teddites, I was responding to a specific comment about website naming, drawing attention to a real funny reality of Teddites getting annoyed at us calling the archive 'the' ted k archive and yet previously not being able to empathise with social anarchists not liking ITS texts being promoted on 'the' anarchist library. Many are part of a weird group worthy of derision, like still believing Ted K was an anarchist in 2022. They create pipeline quizzes to better learn how to draw people into luddite philosophy, we promote reading and debate them to disrupt the pipeline.


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Could you not even try coming up with new and better arguments? Already answered this a year ago.

Obviously that wouldn't be ideal, as anarchy isn't as cringe as Ted K is. But, if the first person to have the energy to create an archive of anarchist texts happened to desire to load the site with long table of contents sections of suggested reading anarchists wouldn't like, I would still appreciate the work that went into archiving a lot of anarchist writing. Since if it was anything comparable to The Ted K Archive, the texts written by anarchists would be clearly findable in their own table of contents section linked on the main page.

Rather than moaning about why The Ted K Archive hasn't been deplatformed, you could easily simply create rival projects for what you would like to see in the world. You could even buy domain and mirror every anti-civ text on this website and delete the rest. All the software is open source and pages open to mirroring and downloading, so you could do it within a few hours work if you have anyone who ever sat through computer programming lesson in school. None of us had to suffer through that thank Zeus, but we're grateful to the people who did, who decided to host thetedkarchive, and who don't feel they need to agree 1000% on every editorial decision.

Again, it's comical how calling the website 'the' ted k archive and including social anarchist texts has made it possible for teddites to relate to how pissed off the social anarchists were when ITS texts got added to 'the' anarchist library.

It's obviously a funny dig at Ted K fans to claim to have 'the' best collection of reading on Ted K, when the collection includes tons of critiques of the dude. Anarchy doesn't deserve that kind of dig, Ted K does.


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If anyone's interested in offering clear steps for ways they think the archive could be improved, feel free to let us know. Like how we decided to take the step of splitting off a bunch of texts to create The Library of Unconventional Lives. Or how we've tried to keep a record of controversial texts that were rejected, censored, accepted or deleted.

Obviously the archive is a niche project. The main task we're happy about having achieved is simply creating parallel pages for every page on the Calif. Uni. website archive of UNABOM documents. So that it's easier to search through the various documents:

The UNABOM Taskforce Documents & Their Typed Up Copies


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Talked about that text on raddle recently here. I'd respond to your insults, but it doesn't seem like your kind care much about having logical arguments, so it's just boring. Let me know if a new EE text ever comes out that even gains the modicum of interest the ideas had when some people briefly confused the ideas as anarchist.


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I see your anti-anarchist texts as stand-alone web pages and raise you the same texts as part of a compilation that shows the real-world consequences for some of the people who were suckered into such a ridiculous ideology:

Camilo Gajardo Escalona was sentenced to 45 years and one day in jail , who perpetrated several explosive attacks in the Metropolitan region and who were claimed by the group "Individualists Tending to the Wild" (ITS). ...

3.- The explosion of a device at a Transantiago bus stop in Vicuña Mackenna with Bilbao, on January 4, 2019.

Speaking for the prosecution, Angela Gray, the advocate depute, said Karvounakis claimed to be a “lover of nihilist anti-political violence” and to support an anarchist terror group Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje. ...

John Scullion QC, Karvounakis’s defence counsel, said he had been struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem, and had spent increasing amounts of time online. There he had drifted into conversations with extremists, whose beliefs he now repudiated.


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An elementary comparative analogy:

Squidward: What's dumb about this text that argues indigenous people should become the new Nazi party ready to take over the world?

Spongebob: I dno, I guess I just have some notes, sounds kinda sad, if you go down this road you're likely showing yourself to only care about shallow meaningless shit.

Squidward: Imagine thinking indigenous people care what a Euro thinks about their fight.

Yeah I will call that thought terminating idpol.

In expectation of the next insipid response, I'll just remind you that comparing elements of someone's logic to a hypothetical scenario doesn't equal equating it to that thing.


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One reason eco-extremists admire Ishi is because they perceive him as having had the 'dignity' to prefer spending time around his captors rather than other indigenous people, because EEs think Ishi was ashamed of other indigenous tribes for not having fought indiscriminately to the last man like his tribe did.

But, I just find that such a tragically sad, self-desctructive, macho, rigid and reductive philosophy.

'Many Americans are racist and would like to wipe us out, I'll show them by not caring that it'll happen faster when I kill the white man's babies.'

This is one of the few points I agree with Ted on; EEs feel disgust for modern society, so try to react against it by becoming it's mirror opposite, but if being in opposite relationship to a thing becomes the most defining feature of your character, then you've just reduced your entire being to a similarly despicable loser in a game the oppressor enjoys winning.

Give me DIY mechanical eco-revolutions like what the Coconut Revolution achieved any day, rather than blips in time where tribes decided to kill babies and then got genocide'd quicker, or school shooters who decided to identify with monkeys and so wanted to 'save' kids from having to grow up in diverse cultures.

The most important error that ITS commits is that they express, and therefore promote, an attitude of hopelessness about the possibility of eliminating the technological system. I do not have time to comment on historical examples in which tiny and seemingly insignificant groups, considered by most people as crazies, fools, or “romantics,” finally managed, despite everything, to carry out successful revolutions.

-- Ted Kaczynski on Individualists Tending to the Wild (ITS)

If your enemy is much stronger than you, then it makes sense to prod him with a stick to wear him out, but if you prod too hard too quickly then the enemy will stamp you out completely.

-- A text dump on wildism

This has to be my favorite part of the essay:

Eco-extremism will grow because people know that this is the endgame. Indeed, from Muslims to Christians to all sorts of other ideologies, apocalypse is in the air, and nothing can stop it.

Yeah sure, 'a significant essay' with an amazingly accurate analysis of the past, present and future. Obviously ignorant of the amount of apocalyptic cults that flourished in the 60s which have been on the decline since. And failed to predict the withing away of the number of eco-extremist propagandists and attention.

Cry harder that cults like EE are dead and dying.


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Obvs not a strong connection, if any. I just read a dumb eco-extremist text on Ishi, then went and did my own reading and archived it on the site. It'll get sorted under Broader Topics when I do a table of contents update:

The project is divided into six main categories:

Primary Source Documents on Ted K can help researchers understand events as they happened, rather than relying on reflections from years later.

The Collected Works of Ted K includes the largest online collection of Ted K's books, essays, stories, translations, drawings, musical compositions and mathematical work.

Analysis of Ted's Ideas & Actions includes political and literary analysis, podcast transcripts and more.

Suggested Reading contains some potentially valuable lessons that can be drawn from the story of Ted K's life. Plus, the history of political violence related to Ted K and leftist political groups in comparison.

Broader Topics is a wide range of texts that simply shows what else the political violence researchers and true crime fans who frequent this website are reading and find interesting discussing.

The Criminal Justice System covers everything from; reading on the legislators who advance prison reforms, to the terrorists and freedom fighters who get prosecuted as criminals, to stories of poor people getting arrested for dumpster diving food to feed their family.


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". Just* so must we be ..."

That was funny. I used the best pdf scan converter out there, but there will still be some errors obvs, so I've tagged it as half-finished error-correcting for now.

It's good in this form anyways for quoting, helping the book show up in searches, linking to chapters, skim reading, and easy collaboration if anyone wanted to help error correct. Then when it's fully error corrected it will make a nice printable book again.