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Can you expand on what you mean? I think library projects like this one and the ted k archive will simply be seen as doubly unsatisfactory by the two main camps.

I make more non-anarchist texts accessible than the anarchist library does, which people would especially not like doing themselves. But, I also add some long disclaimers to the beginnings of texts which the anarchist library people don't like doing.

And just in general, anyone who has feelings of wanting to burn libraries to the ground because of disagreements wouldn't agree with the aims and principles of these new library projects.


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Nah, obviously not most. And I wouldn't call the footnotes not working as meaning the text is 'totally broken', they're simply first go's at making the texts more freely available and link-able too by chapter.

But I will get round to throwing all the ones with formatting errors in a spreadsheet and fixing them. I just prioritized wanting to cultivate some different reading discussions.


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To be fair to Wayne, the quote was taken from an essay he wrote in mid 1995 before the manifesto was even published. So he's just responding to Ted's actions & letters written to newspapers at the time. Then making guesses as to what kind of person tries to for example bomb a public airliner.

And Ted at the time he did that didn't think a revolution was possible, so he was acting in pretty despicable ways, even torturing animals who came into his cabin looking for crumbs of food: Ted Kaczynski's Various Ethical & Political Flirtations.


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Yeah bullshit about that not being Abe, there were enough sources, confirmations and witness descriptions.

And of course I don't read every single word of every text I upload, some are literally text dumps of 8 year long podcast transcripts for word searching, and a lot is just utter trash ideology, but it's there to be a primary source for people to be able to reference in relation to other texts.

If you want to say any doxxes you think exist and should be taken down you're more than welcome, I already censored the doxxes on Abe and his wife last night:


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Suggested Reading critiquing Ted

Arguments for deleting: Ted is an anarchist POW, so he deserves not to be shit all over.

Counter argument: Even if I were to grant he's an anarchist POW, it wouldn't make the 'war' he fought any more justifiable, it would just mean some anarchist POWs deserve to be shit all over. Ted is an asshole who planted a bomb on a public airliner, took a knife to meet a romantic interest who turned him down, with the plan to disfigure her face for it, and slowly tortured animals to death for eating food in his cabin.

Texts by Daniel McGowen

Argument for deleting: Daniel is an ex anarchist POW, so he might deserve special treatment in being asked whether he wants his texts published.

Counter argument: There are countless witness testimonies of the time and place Daniel was radicalized also being a hotbed of interest in the Unabomber manifesto. So when using the website to learn about these events, it's useful to have writing by the ELF members themselves to look through in the same topic. He acknowledges himself he made some dumb decisions like burning down a tree farm due to thinking they were genetically modified trees when they weren't, and so hopes others can learn not to make the kind of mistakes he made, this website can attempt to in part serve that purpose.

Doxes of the eco-extremist writer/translator/publisher Abe Cabrera and his vivisectionist wife

Argument for deleting: No good is being achieved. And even if the husband did commit an unethical act, the wife can't be guilty of the crimes her husband committed.

Counter argument: When I feel like it I'll take screenshots of the sources, black out the names in the images, post them and replace the names in the text on the website with '[censored]'. The net good is being able to understand the history of a group who started out slavishly walking in Ted's ideological footsteps and how they became way, way more misanthropic and hopeless than him, plus their supporters and promoters.


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It is comical how calling the website 'the' ted k archive and including social anarchist texts has made it possible for teddites to relate to how pissed off the social anarchists were when ITS texts got added to 'the' anarchist library.

But, yeah go off, I would prefer to read Chomsky over Chomsky haters, but if the first person to have the energy to create an archive of Chomsky's writing happened to desire to load the site with Chomsky critiques and suggested reading Chomsky wouldn't like, I would still appreciate the work that went into archiving his writing.


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'New website... with anarchistlibrary back end?'

Not sure what you mean. I bought the domain name and did ask to help me set up their amusewiki software.

Here's the site map:

I've newly archived over 300 books, academic papers & essays that aren't on anarchistlibrary. I have also copied over 200 or so texts onto the website because I do think they're valuable.

This is just me announcing it's all public.

Here's the table of contents:


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Because the archive was built in order to host an anarchist critique of him. It's a picture that's on all the PDFs where you can see it says, 'A critique of his ideas and actions'. And in the top left corner of the website. You just can't make it out in this raddle thumbnail.