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That's really professional.I planned out hitting a clothing shop.It's weekend so it will be crowded.I have a heavy coat i'll use that the weather is cold here.Rain slicker is a good idea.


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Basically your cost is 20 dollars.You can lift some items which worth more than 20 dollars and it's not difficult.After the lift you have to sell it.You can use some websites or you can sell to local people(not recommended they will be curious.)websites are better.You can make easy profit.But dont lift too often from the same place.You should find 4 different stores or malls and every week you can lift one of them.It means you will lift a store one in a month.


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Your cost is 0 bucks you can easily sell the product on some websites.For example if it's an item whose worth is 30 bucks,you can sell it for 20 bucks or you can sell it for 25 bucks and you can separate 5 bucks for advertisement.

You should use fake name absolutely.

You should damage the barcode and serial number of product or anything else like these.

If you can,meet and sell directly.


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thank you for your advice that's beneficial.I am not living in USA.My country is really tough about theft.It has no specific punishment but if i steal stuff from a supermarket or any store it's punishment is imprisonment 1 year to 3 years.But because of the regret and ''Low price items''it can be convert to only money punishment but it has no specific price like 50 bucks.It mostly being punished by imprisonment.It's too bad.


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I'm telling that for Turkey:Rossmann is easy probably it exists in Germany it's a German brand.Rossman is small but it has many blind spots.You can lift expensive toothbrushes,parfumes etc.It's easy because you can easily find blind spots.

Also big supermarkets are obviously easy.In turkey there are migros or carrefoursa but you understood what i'm saying.It's easiest place to lift.

In Turkey some clothes stores also sell parfumes and everytime i went,they had only sticker alarms.You can get a jean and a parfume and hide the parfume into the jean then go to the cabine.Then detag the sticker.