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Thanks. I was going to order a bathroom cabinet and do that (I need two) , but was worried they wouldn’t give a shit . Lol this changes everything :)


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You don’t need false plates, really. That’s just adding a possible felony to an otherwise misdemeanor, depending on how you acquired them. I just got one of those ridiculous plates from Walmart that has rhinestones and my car emblem on it. They’re vanity plates and they’re quite common. To LP, I’m just one of those car club girls who drinks monster energy drinks and is probably named “Tiffany”. Front plates aren't necessary , and won’t draw attention. However, before I leave my house, I put a random dealership plate that I found, on the front of my car. I put my bedazzled plea for fictional male attention on the back, and I place my real plate in clear view in my back window. I tape fishing line to the back window plate (my real one) and right as I’m about to enter private property (the parking lot , or a back road if it’s clear), I yank that bitch out of sight. This has always worked for me because #1. While I’m on my way, it’s quick and I’m not fumbling or creating a scene by messing with my plates on public roads. Which is common with a fake paper plate, stolen plate or no plate . Unscrewing plates is a HUGE attention grabber. #2. My car isn’t drawing attention while I’m in the store. You technically don’t have to have plates on private property , and to a Normal person , you’re just that girl who is probably trying on flat-bills and wife-beaters. 😹 Another piece of advice, get iPhone headphones and don’t take them off during your exit..., you can pretend to be listening to music or hold a fake phone call . If the alarm goes off, keep strolling, sister! Cool as a cucumber! I wish you the best and wanted to share that homelessness is what made me into the resourceful woman that I am today. You got this!