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To be clear...this vaccine isn't "different" from others other than the delivery method. The smallpox and polio vaccines weren't any more efficient - we just didn't have mass disinformation networks throwing FUD into the equation. Vaccines prep your immune system to know how to fight an infection.

I'm of the opinion that had vaccines been adopted en masse without the ridiculous conspiratorial bullshit, many if not most of the new variants wouldn't have had the opportunity to mutate into existence.

Obviously the fact that a profit motive exists is bullshit and needs to be removed, but let's not act like an efficacy below 100% (which literally no other vaccine ever has had) means that this necessitates some kind of conspiracy to prolong profit without actual evidence to support such a claim.


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It only prevents its posts from being shown when you sort by "All" - you can still visit the forum and see it in the forum list (at least the alphabetical list - haven't checked other sorting)

Edit: It still shows when sorted by subscribers or submissions, too - just with a red "x" showing that you've hidden it.