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  1. It's literally just the same software we use here.
  2. One of the first things I see is a post with multiple slurs in the title and an anti-trans copypasta that's essentially suicide goading.

If this is what your site is, then you and it can kindly get fucked.

Edit: Also "multiple users" with slurs as usernames, including the F slur, the N word, K slur.....99% sure they're all the admin's (OP's) sock puppet accounts though, considering the site's like 3 days old. If not, they're at the very least the kind of people the admin (OP) regularly hangs out with online considering they're the first ones invited.


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I'm deleting the post because it was obviously a mistake to ask here, but I am curious what you had to censor for YouTube in your essays.


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It's a little bit of both. Like...a couple of the people that are usually mentioned in this accusation are super adept at things like CSS and/or AutoModerator trickery, and that's literally all they do. There are some others that do seem to be ridiculously all over the place though.