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Just FYI - I just got a slew of msgs back from admins from where I'd reported "abuse of the reporting feature" on the comments you'd posted to r/anarchism. We'd received literally dozens of reports on each comment you'd made - obviously none of which were against any rules.

Reddit's friendly and obviously competent staff found no problem with those reports. I've escalated it to see if anything can be done.

I know you have no intention of going back, but just know that I'm doing what very little I can to cause whatever slight inconvenience I can for both the admins and the dipshits that dogpiled on you.

Edit: Also FYI, the timing worked out popped online after I'd finally succumbed to sleep after keeping a pretty hawkish eye on that mega thread. I slept for just a few hours, and woke up to see that the comments on it had more than doubled from ~300 to >700.

Edit 2: A copy of my message to the admins for anyone who cares:

These were absolutely abuse of reporting. Users were dogpiling and harassing this user (to the point that they literally had to delete their account) - The user had done nothing wrong, and people were flooding us with reports in an attempt to silence them.

The fact that this was somehow found as not being abuse of the reporting feature is indicative of a problem you must have in training whoever receives these reports. There is literally no situation whatsoever where it could not have been found as abusive.

I look forward not only to an update regarding this, but an update as to how you intend to further train whoever receives these reports to do something other than just deny them by default and act like nothing is happening.

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You're kinder than I'd have been, tbh

Not sure if that DQs me or something, but transmisia has no place here, IMO

I don't do well with the whole "expecting me to respect the existence of non cishet people is tyranny" bullshit