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Left wing market anarchism

  • anarchism has 2 main economies basis: gift economy and markets; gift economy being pure communism; markets being everything where you exchange goods for stuff, be it money or bartering.

  • left wing market anarchism includes mutualism, but also syndicalism (afaik) and probably a whole lot other flavours of anarchism that I dont know about.


  • they believe in property, but not in absentee owmership: people can only own what they use or what they make: if someone is farming a plot of land, they own it. but if they start emplying people to farm it for them, those people become co-owners of the land. Also if if they ever stop farming that piece of land, they arent the owners anymore. The stuff people make wit their property is theirs and can be sold thought.

  • They believe that the value of stuff is linked to the amount of work pur into it, some mutualists use hours of labours instead of money to value stuff.

  • It's the OG anarchism, made by pierre joseph proudhon

  • you can think of it as being "ancapism without property" without being too wrong

  • a common mutualist joke is that if you leave your house to go and buy bread, you'll loose your house if someone goes into it (thought if you abandon your house, it isnt your house anymore).

agorism usually has 2 meanings depending who you are talking to:

  • agorism is a technique used by mutualists (but also right wing "libertarians") which consists of having black markets and other non-state-enforced ways of exchanging goods.

  • agorists are right wing libertarians who try to separate themselves from ancaps, they dont believe in "nap" and other ancap absurdities, believing only in the sacred free markets. probably less spooked overall.

    • mostly they oppose patents and copyright, believe ideas cant be someone's propriety, which ancaps do not necessarily so (lol idk how ancaps justify this to themselves while still claimg ancapism as "free market" ts so dumb).
    • agorists are pratically allies, IMO they are leftists in denial that dont know about mutualism and georgism.

Another cool one that you havent asked about but that's pretty close to all of these is georgism:

  • you can probably rename it as free market left wing "capitalism" wealth-distribution minarchism

  • there is a free market like ancaps for practically everyting, but there still a state that redistributes the wealth of the richest to the rest of the population, via taxes

    • the tax is based on the amount of land the person owns and on their environmental impact, ideally people would not be able to amass capital since it gets redistributed.
    • afaik there is no inheritance, everybody starts the same.
  • the inventor of georgism was the dude that made the monopoly game, as a critique of capitalism (monopoly is meant to be unfair and unfun because of monopolies)



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I'm in my optimist week of the month, lucky you!

I'm hopeful because we are human.

imagine, we could have sexual dimorphism to the point where it makes sense that ther are 2 roles for each gender, or we could have true racialism. Or we could have an inherent need for violence. Or have an inherent class system. But we do not! We're a blank canvas, wiping and rewriting itself every 60 yrs. Humanity can be anything. Including my ideology.

Also I believe that people naturally form "tribes" for which they care for. I believe that tech brings people closer and I see a future where capitalism will kill itself by making tech that increases dramatically the size of people's "tribes". By tribe I mean community, people for which we care.


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lineage OS is the only OS that would work with signal/whatsapp/uber. It's basically degoogled android.

Choose your phone from the list of phones that they have it working on, and install lineage OS on it yourself.

Other options that can only call/text and maybe whatsapp: firefoxOS which is dead, there are no new phones coming out, purism librem 5 that isnt out yet but is really promising. Also i think there was something called sailfish os that did a croudfunding but ran away with the money (?).

In the futur we may have postmarket OS which is linux on phone, maybe they'll even get android apps working on it.