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...and water is wet

"[..] she warned darkly that Trump could gather dictatorial powers by placing himself above special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — but she argued that Americans should just wait until then to push back."

"She said the president seemed to be leading the country to fascism, but she hesitated to call out his ambitions at this point."

the title of the article should be " Famed historian believes Trump is leading America to fascism but doesn't want to do anything about it yet".



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Oh I've just read this!

It's a pleasant read, Alejandro De Acosta has his way with words.

I really liked the middle of the text: the paragraphs about the Jabberwocky, and the dissection of poetry and language.

I haven't quite finished the text yet, but I agree with the text about the feeling of "loss" when using margarine-words in activist circles: When I speak to people irl I sometimes feel like I need to insert margarine-words but each time I do I feel like what I'm saying becomes useless.

In tangent of the text it's interesting that sometimes my margarine words turn into acid-word and back again, I'm especially thinking about "anarchism" which when I speak to other anarchists I (too often) use it as a synonym of "good", but when explaining the concept to liberal friends it becomes an acid-word.

also I've just smeared myself with acid-words btw!


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probably not, but if it saves animals its cool.

Carnists should try going veg*an, its more efficient. Also, if they put as much money into making soy taste like nuggets as they do trying to grow chicken in labs, imo it would taste the same by now.

On the other hand, the techniques used to grow this meat should be useful to grow artificial organs, so the money isnt gone completely to waste.

" The skin was crisp and the meat flavoursome although its internal texture was slightly softer than you would expect from a nugget at, say, McDonalds or KFC."

yeah because it's made of meat and not pink slime hehe


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"social issues in today's world" is too general to find anything more than a list of words. Look for one that piques your interenst and dive deeper from there: read an anarchist faq or browse c/Society and c/Anarchism (there is probably a brand of anarchism per social issue).

At some point you'll have learned about "all" social issues since imo they all boil down to the same values and beliefs (pure anarchism). Or "convergence des luttes" is how we call it in french.


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become transhumanist so you can say pre/post-singularity and diss current anarchist actions without being criticized since at least it's a tangible utopian milestone. /jk


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I think about my footprint more as a "game" or a fun observation than something i should actively try to reduce. I do not believe reducing individual footprint alone changes anything, except for a sort of propaganda of the deed, maybe.

Globally the main source of greenhouse gases are industry/construction (40%), transport (15%) and agriculture (30%). People's lives only accounts for 15% or something like that, half of which is heating. numbers may ber wrong


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Mine is already low, because of the way I live - minimalist and poor: I share my house with 7 other people, am vegan, I don't often buy new stuff. We cook from scratch (because it's cheap) and live in a town where I don't need to commute by car. We even compost our waste.

to reduce my footprint, I could try going 0waste and spend less time in the shower. I'm not obsessed with my footprint.