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I've had more of a life long "empathy": legend has it, that when I was a kid I witenessed the news of the Concorde plain crash, and I "engineered" a plain with a safety device with my lego toys so that no one would get hurt.

It's probably my love for other people that brought me to anarchy *throws flowers*


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"No doesn't always mean No" -- riot CEO

"I remember trying to appeal to the business aspects of the behavior, and how it opened us up to legal liability. The head of Legal did speak up and asked if we were concerned about legal liability. She was seated to my left, and I was seated on Brandon’s left [CEO], where he was at the head of table. Brandon extended his arm past me and held up his hand in front of her and hushed her, saying we were not going to talk about that." -- 3rd link

" Or they might start a paragraph by saying “Now for instance, if I fucked your wife…” and then segue into what they were actually supposed to be saying. The homosexual variants would be things like “well if he sucked your dick, would you feel better about this?” or “it’s not like I’m asking you to suck my dick, but I’d be OK with it if you did.”" --3rd link

"senior staff member named us the “Bros and Ho”." --2nd link

"senior staff member messaged a new employee’s girlfriend on Facebook asking if she was “DTF” - shorthand for “down to f*ck”. He thought it was a funny joke." --2nd link


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I use PrivateInternetAcess. they are fast enough for me, cheap, and they donate to free software (krita)..

You don't want them if you're doing highly illegal stuff (that would put you in prison if found out) bc their headquarters are in the US so they could be pressured by the NSA to out you. It's never happened yet but is still a concern.

I only use it to download torrents and sometimes browse raddle so it isnt a concern for me.

other cheep VPN is nordvpn but they are less cool. I recommend you to use on of the many VPN comparators to choose yours :)


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I use as recommended by the subreddit.

do you have any idea which is better between yours and mine?

hmm, looks like the .sh one doesnt have accessible source code?

I'll try switching to the .to popcorntime..


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imo that's the best way to stop bullying.

OP, teach your child that they need to fight back. Even if they loose, if they get 1 strong punch on the bully, the bullying will stop. At least that's how it works for boys, IDK if it works the same way for girls.

You need to make your child not scared of being hit, maybe by making them do a few trainings of [rugby? boxing?] or another sport where they get a litle hurt often.

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anarcho-transhumanist lit is 2-3 essays each by william gillis, n1x, and Laboria Cuboniks. that's about it afaik.

I cant stand non-anarchist transhumainsts. At best they are musk-worshipping liberals or bitcoin-bros. at worst they're ancaps that like eugenics.


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Yo read my comments... I've got no issue with post-civs! I disagree with them but they arent my enemies. (I disagree because i dont believe low tech tribe-like organisation better than high tech global human networks, I also believe that there is still a possibility for other futures than post-apocalyptic wastelands, and that at least some are better).

anprims are enemies thought. I dont know what words to use, but they give off an "anti-antrhropocentrist" vibe: humans are inferior, other lifeforms are more important, and everyone should die in order for nature to thrive.


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"I don't remember saying anything about hating people"

except when the only way anprims/postciv can see humanity thrive is when 90% are dead or were never born.

'fuck the rest of the planet and the future of our children, my immediate pleasure is all that matters'

yep except its possible to do that in a sustainable way, like the bright green environmentalism we talked about a few months ago.


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am I wrong? I was tongue in cheek but did I not say the truth?

I consider anarchism as a "human-centered" ideology. By focusing so much on saving the envrionment and reducing tech at all cost, anprim ideology forgets the violence to people hidden behind the words they use. Even egoist anarchists call for other people to be egoists themselves, not reject their existence.

In a way anprimism is similar to ancaps, they try to form the world around a concept that is romantic when you think about it but isn't applicable in real life. (not the "corporate evil fucks" ancap, but the 2honest shallow-thinking internet libertarians" that believe anarcho-capitalism really is a good thing for everyone). (ancaps: NAP; anprims: return to "nature"). (lol i worded this so badly I hope you get what I mean)

keyword here is "at all cost". I do consider post-civ as anarchist, since they reject the anti-human part of anprimism while keeping the general "flow" of they have. I also consider anprims in the 80s as anarchists because it was "new" and not deeply studied. Now, thought, everyone can access critiques of anpimism. If people still claim themselves as such, they share too few values with actual anarchists to claim themselves as such.

Also I agree anrpim critiques of tech and civilization are interesting and I urge people to read a few if they have not yet. antranshumanist literature is few and far between, so I need to read from other schools to get my fix of theory; and I agree with a lot of anrpim critiques while having a conclusion that is a 180 of theirs.


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Anprims want to kill 90% of the world population and become hunter gatherers. IMO they have a hardcore "adam and eve" fetish. Like ancaps, modern anprims share with other brands of anarchism only the name. Most anprim litterature appeared in the 70s-80s.

Post-civ only hope that 90% of the world population dies, then they become junkyard-looting hunter gatherers. it's anprimism-lite that appeared after people started to critique anprims. the litterature is fairly recent, from the 2000s afaik