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I didnt even look for french scans. a quick search gave me this ; might as well read it in the orignal language from now on aha

there's an arc about refugee crisis, with brown people in it (but their only role being victims) and one of the mc's friends is brown.

search terms were "radiant scan vf"


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Support, but I want to say this:

ziq, stating your opinion on stuff while being admin doesnt bother me, and I don't care if you prefer having alts talk for you on certain topics (imo its even good for raddle if users do it); but arguing with strawman accounts to get your point accross and sometimes manipulate meta's opinion was shitty and infantilizing for the rest of us.

Otherwise it's good, I trust you as an admin.


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There will probable also be soft split between european internet and US internet soon. We've got more and more regulations and "citizen protection" it's turning into a governement controlled "reform-leftist" paradise; while the US is becomming even more of a corporate-driven ancap paradise.


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'In Europe [...] They are worried that feral and free ranging dogs are interbreeding with wolves [...]

"If this continues to grow, we will lose the purity of our wolves' genes." '

What do you green anarchists think of this? Is the gene purity of natural animales important to you?


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What a cool project! I want to try it!

When I was young I had a science kit with a small parabole shaped mirror, and I melted a piece of chocolate using the sun. I also managed to blacken some paper and kill ants with a looking glass once.

" It took about 45 minutes for our cheese to melt and the tortilla to become soft" lol you musnt be starving.