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  1. Is liking anime cultural appropriation?

  2. is not liking anime racist?

  3. Can black people do whiteface?

  4. How will geo-engineering save the planet?

  5. Anarchism is like mad max, agree?

  6. What does the anarchist uniform look like?

  7. Do we need to find the middle ground?

  8. Being anti-racist alienates the working class, yes/no?

  9. Is shoplifting anarchist praxis?

  10. Buying organic will save the environment, right?


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I saw chicken, it's a movie about the friendship of a marginalized guy with learning disabilities and a privileged girl who moved in next to him.

  • The pacing felt off, everything feels like it happened in a few days. having their friendship grow for a few weeks before the second plot point would have felt more natural. Same for the SPOILER: burning of his caravane at the end.

  • I dont care about what his mom did SPOILER: he's the result of his brother's rape, it didnt bring anything to the plot and felt like the director was trying to justify his disability and doing "misery porn". It felt ableist.

the movie was otherwise ok.


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I was libertarian socialist without being "politically literate". Once I learned about anarchism and started reading, I dived head first into it.

I can't say I was anarchist at the time because I still believed in a few ghosts about minarchist states (for sewer and stuff like that).


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I feel like you're filtering away the good parts.

we can go wherever in the world in less than 24h and meet completely different people. We've got access to near infinite knowledge at the tip of our fingers, and can teach ourselves anything, and get good at it quite fast because we have so many helping ressources. We can do sports such as paragliding, but also stay at home and appreciate movies and other arts. The music we listen is continuously having breakthroughs and everything is changing.

If you limit it to work, I'll only talk about non-bulshit jobs. We get to solve problems and explain nature in "high study level" jobs. In more "artisanal" jobs we get take away the boring parts: cutting a piece of wood in 1 min instead of 10 when when doing woodwork, for example.

At least, my life is saturated with interesting stuff and I'm quite satisfied with it.