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well, we've got la nef in france, which is an "ethical bank" that invests your money into green and social projects for you. credit cooperatif is another one, but a little less good afaik.

I'm currently changing bank to a "mobile bank" like n26; which are as bad as any other bank, but it's free to have an account and store money there, which means 30€ more for me every year.


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PrO-cIv aNaRcHisTs wAnT sOcIeTy To sTay HoW iT iS tOdAy

it's possible to put filters on factory emissions, and is currently beign done in europe thanks to our regulations (it's still not good enough, but ella might not have died if they were respected).

Pro-civ anarchists probably want to abolish cars same as anti-civ anarchists. At least I do: trains, buses, and bikes are totally compatible with my vision of anarchism.


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Je suis d'accord en théorie, mais...

Il faut faire attention car pas mal de volontaristes ont une définition restreinte et personelle de la violence, et ignorent toutes autres violences auxquelles des personnes peuvent être soumises en dehors de l'état (pauvreté, sexisme, racisme, ects) .

dans les faits les volontaristes que j'ai rencontrés ne souhaitent pas une abolition de toutes violences, mais seulements celles auxquelles ils sont soumis, sans même calculer les autres. -- je dis bien ils car j'ai l'impression que ce ne sont que des mec blancs "aisés" qui sont vontaristes

Alors ouai, volontarisme d'accord, mais pourquoi ne pas plonger dans la mer infinie de possibilités qu'est l'anarchisme? :D


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as long as they have other creative outlets it's fine imo. I know a girl who is very good at art but is not sensitive to music (doesnt feel it).

Since it's the computer club, maybe they've done minecraft sculptures lol