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The artist's website:

another artist/model cited in the article

I really like the palette of Munachi Ogsebu's photos, and the general feel of them: there's "so much", but in a good way. They've got a sea-punk feel to them, even if it was a meme aesthetic.

it's probably hard to wear that every day though haha


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yeah "iel" is one of the unofficial gender neutral pronouns that I found on some blog. tbh I didnt research it much, and used masculine form. idk if I was right.

changing "ph" for f TLDR: in fact we can say "nenufar" and "ognons" (instead of oignons), not all words in "ph" change.


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I've tried to use "iels" for plural when writing once, and people thought it was a typo haha.

Sidenote: It really bothers me how buthurt french people are about the languge. fuck the controversy about how to say "les haricots" (we can now say "les zaricot") and how to write "nenuphar" (new writing will possibly be "nenufar", same pronunciation). Imo simpler writing is better, even if "we loose historical context".


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A lot of these small companies are only "researching" stuff to patent future possibilities for fusion, once the big league -iter and the german stellarator people- crack the problem: For example, there is one company that patented fusion the size of a container; it's "possible" but 99% useless to research that today, but they are betting on the fact that in the next 50yrs their patent will be bought back.


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...and water is wet

"[..] she warned darkly that Trump could gather dictatorial powers by placing himself above special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — but she argued that Americans should just wait until then to push back."

"She said the president seemed to be leading the country to fascism, but she hesitated to call out his ambitions at this point."

the title of the article should be " Famed historian believes Trump is leading America to fascism but doesn't want to do anything about it yet".