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That's the production I want for a video about aesthetics!

I prefer tabby's interpretation, but I'm a cis guy so I dont really "get" half of the problem she talks about, even if I understand them. Can you help me out? what opinion do you think is the most legit?


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konsent is imo not usable with raddle atm: anonymity and democracy looks hard to implement both at the same time, when we have this small of a user-base. It's good that you find real life application for konsent!

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I'm not sure if you're joking or not so I'll reply seriously

He's a dude from the 18XX that summed up the 19 equations that they had in electromagnetism into 4 (stealing all the credit).

With those 4 equations you can explain how magnetic fields and electric fields interact. they can also explain how light moves.

right now I'm in physics undergrad and it's nuts how all the different subjects of physics and maths I studied up till now are all becoming coherent with each other.


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according to their website they give back 80% of the musician's revenue to them, so it's less exploitation than regular cd companies. I thought it was more, I'll probably donate in the future..

I'm sorry I can't really help you get your CD from bandcamp, I dont really know how it works either. Dropbox has a linux client thought (also u can use it from the web afaik), so you could get them from there maybe, if the artist gave you a key or something.