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  1. It won't happen overnight. You've probably misunderstood something. Veganism aims to minimize animal suffering caused by human action, not cut out all animals interaction from our lives. Imo a soft extinction is the best fate for over-domestcated animals such as 1egg/day chickens (pugs are another example).

  2. what you're describing sounds like an unsutainable and broken system. You're comparing the price of "luxury" vegetables to average meat, and for a healthy meal you'd need to eat those vegetables anyway. We've already talked about this so let's just agree to disagree, I'll try backing up my claims with numbers in it's own post one day.

  3. in point 2, you forgot the massive importation of soy that south USA takes from Brazil. It also strips local population from their food source and their forests. I do not really eat quinoa more than thrice a year. Animal agriculture has a really shitty yield, taking away the cattle from the equation frees more food and ground for rewilding or human consumption, its like "environmentalism 101".

You're projecting. Just say you can't afford a vegan diet (be it time or mental strain), I won't judge you for it, like I already don't judge every other carnist meat eater.


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  1. ok so the system you imagined, imagine it with people not eating meat. I hope that wasn't too hard.

  2. what country/regiona/population are you talking about that only relies on meat to survive nowdays?

  3. in the context of Weststern of probably every one on raddle, it is less destructive to not eat meat.

  4. you started talking about fringe groups first, yet I'm the one weaponizing them? I'm not talking about Inuit whalers or Mongolian farmers when I say "go vegan", and you know that very well.

Of course we live in a society and every action we take is in reaction to that society. Maybe in 50yrs when 80% of the population is veg*an, we can think about saving those poor cow udders or question the ethics of fringe cases such as inuit hunting. I'm not rich btw.


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  1. show me a sustainable food production system that includes meat, I'll show you a sustainable food production that doesn't.

  2. meat has always been a Rich people's (or party) food, why is it only now that people totally rely on it to survive? (Hint, they don't)

  3. Mass monocultures are used to feed cattle too.

  4. do you rely on hunting/gathering to feed yourself, or do you get your meat from a grocery? While there are Factory farms we don't care about fringe groups.

    4 bis: also let's let icelanders kill all the whales and Japanese kill all the dolphins, it's "traditional hunting" so it can't be bad.


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I just finished my week of exams. It went good. I fucked up my quantum physics exam in the first semester, but I've done good enough this time to catch up, hopefully.

last Monday I got my visa for china. I'm leaving in less than a week, so that was a bit stressful.


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AI written movies, inspired by the deep-learning from your google products.

it's unfortunate in terms of creativity, because by having curated content, people have less possibility to leave their comfort zone (for example, auto-play has less diversity than borrowing CDs from friends). I do not believe "sorry to bother you" would be possible in the scenario you explain, which is a shame.