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Ideally your affinity group is small enough to be able to talk about it with them and have a consensus is everyone wants a weapon or not.

Being armed raises the states by a lot. Start by doing wheatpaste with your affinity group and work your way up. If you have to ask about it, it's probably a bad idea.

Pepper spray for self defense is a good idea though.


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In France mens haircuts are 10-15€, women's are 20€ without coloration, and 50-70€ with a coloration.

I've never been to the hairdresser, and I'm in a small town, so I'll double check my prices next time. Usually stuff like this are cheaper in the usa so it's kinda interesting.


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On the other hand, nazis used "socialism" to camouflage their nazi shit. It's not the first time right wingers surf on the wave created by leftists. (And they won't do shit about stuff one they're in power).

So, nazism isn't really changing it's message, it's that leftits and environmentalists have made big enough ripples for nazi to start appropriating their stuff (and get a piece of the pie, as said in the article)


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Well I saw the fist episode, and the original was better. The music and the color pallet made the show, without them it's less appealing.

I'll still watch the other episodes, as I was not expecting much anyways.

edit: stoped after EP2. I still recommend the channel 4 series thought!


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Knowledge gained through mathematics is by default true since you're following your own rules, and only observing patterns shaped from those rules. Mathematics is cheating!

While empirical sciences have the patterns and try to find the rules. Which is why they didn't really exist until the scientific method.


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Ok, I hadn't thought about it before, but you can also try using, which should be easier to use. I've never used it thought, and don't know if it really is that safe. People host movies on it, so it mustn't be that bad.

You can start with the wiki:

Privacy online is a compromise between security and ease of use, if you want more of one, you'll have less of the other. And if some government organization really wants to find you, it's a matter of time anyways.