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I do not believe that this is authority. Authorithy would be if the captain was granted a tool to force people to follow their orders. In the same vein, the lead singer of a rock band doesn't have authority over other members of the band.

Think of raddle as a groupe of friends, the admins would be the friends that tells nazis to fuck off when they try to join. There isn't anything authoritative about that.


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Your boss and the state representative both have authority over you because they wield power over you that they themselves do not have. They are basically the same thing at different scales imo

The captain of the ship doesn't really wield power in this scenario. If someone decides that they will not follow the captain during the storm, the captain doesn't have much of a choice. I would say they are more in a "leadership" position than an "authority" position. If it is chosen before hand that some punishment should be given in case you do not follow the captain's orders, the captain now has authority.

In the case of this website, I agree that admins have some authority, but banning fashies isn't an authoritative action, because everyone on here agrees with it. Choosing moderators for the forums would be a form of authority that the admins have.

Maybe someone more eloquent than me could add a paragraph on leadership vs authority to the wiki.

This video by philosophy tube helped me understand


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I've successfully changed a few of my habits (and made new ones), but also have some that I'm still working on. I didn't manage when I tried piling up too many changes at once thought.

  • give yourself attainable goals,
  • make them daily and measurable.
  • do not hate yourself if you don't reach it! You will have another chance tomorrow
  • It worked better when I made a written daly checklist. It helps to track your progress (I also make checklists for everything in my life so maybe it's only me).
  • give yourself rewards when you progress (The reward mustn't be the same type of thing that the habit you want to change: If you want to change your habit of watching tv, do not give yourself TV as a reward, bake yourself a cake for example).

I often give myself two goals: ideal (but still possible) and minimal (that is very very trivial): for example, you could set an ideal goal at 20 pushups/day, but have a minimal goal at 1 pushup/day.


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Yes, we trust your judgement as the moderator :)

If you are unsure, you can use forums like /f/mediation and /f/trolldissection to discuss problematic with and about problematic users.

There are public moderation logs in case users suspect mod abuse, and I think the admins have the ability to un-delete stuff in case of rogue moderators.

Bans are made sitewide by the admins, and I trust them enough.

In case of admins abusing their power... Well the code is open source and somebody will have to make a new raddle.


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Relax and look at how the website works for a few weeks before trying to overhaul everything 72h after arriving.

Raddle has been working quite fine for the last 3 years and while your criticisms are appreciated, you are a little too zealous right now.

Internet != Real life. The admins are doing as much as possible to compromise between being transparent and anonymous. It isn't possible to make raddle community run on top of that.

Respect their investment in this website before badmouthing them.


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In french:


They got arrrested (for 24h) and will need to go to court in sepetember.

The "misistre de la culture" said that there is a legitimate discussion to be had about stolen artifacts, but that they shouldn't be taken back like that.

Also the museum is named after our human garabage racist former president jaques chriac.