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I love that this has been the top post for 2 months.

I'm hoping to get back to a more consistent stream of content creation and then I can cross post here.

But ... ya know .. "Life" ... we'll see how that goes.


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You're no more a "man" than you are a "dude", dude.

Words are flexible.

I'm not a man and if you truly think that downvoting and absurdist wordplays are the same as anti-trans bigotry, then just fuck off. There's really nothing more to say. We simply don't occupy the same reality.

If this is your attitude towards bigotry that doesn't affect you personally, then fuck off.

I have a feeling you're not gonna fuck off though. I have a feeling you're going to continue your support of bigotry towards Zen and pretend like it's justice.

That's called "righteous hatred". It leads to lynching.



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Nobody here, on raddle, is oppressing you because of your zen.

That's debatable, but, fortunately, that has nothing to do with my point.

I believe that is known as a "red-herring".

For us, bigotry is not some intellectual exercise but lived reality and it's deeply offensive to see how forcefully you contort yourself into a position of a victim whenever fool cracks a dad joke.

I don't think that is a fair characterization of the interaction.

Fool said:

Zazen is not zen, too many characters used when spelling. Two extra in Roman letters, one extra in Hiragana and Kanji.

Ewk said:

What's interesting to me is how people try to cover for racial and religious bigotry and by playing word games to make it seem like a bigotry is as casual a thing as spelling.

Fool has a history of doing exactly that.

It would be like ... as Ewk alluded to ... someone continuing to make bathroom jokes to a trans person.

Your (plural) reactions to fool's comments are absolutely unhinged and only demonstrate how little you understand what bigotry is and what type of effects it has.

Yeah, well, ya know, that's just like, your opinion man.

For all the talk about how zen followers were oppressed, it's in fact the two of you who make an absolute mockery of this injustice.

See above.


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No ... if I'm understanding Ewk correctly, the "bigotry" there is "zazen"; namely: the claims by Eihei Dogen regarding "zazen", the Japanese word for "zuochan"--originally a Zen meme--which Dogen misappropriated in order to prop up his own esoteric Buddhist religion, placing "zazen" at the center of it and claiming that his concentration exercise was the practice of Buddhas and Zen Masters and fabricating a direct lineage to them.

Furthermore, in both Japan and China, Buddhist meditation-worshipers of all kinds have always demonstrated bigotry against Zen students.

Being told that you have to accept "zazen" as part of your tradition because Japanese frauds said so is a form of bigotry. It's like telling Catholics that their religion is forbidden unless they acknowledge Joseph Smith as a saint.

Ewk's example is a transgender person being told to "just use" the bathroom of their [insert correct term here] assigned gender?, because "going to the bathroom" is "just a matter of standing up or sitting down."

That's the same kind of bigotry expressed when someone says "What's the big deal about zazen?" "Why not just sit?"

It's like saying, "What's the big deal with being a sex predator?" -- which indeed seems to have been the attitude of zazen churches in the West at various times.

Is it insignificant to insist, without informing yourself, that the Zen tradition is what sex-predators and frauds say it is and not what history says it is?

I don't read Ewk as saying that the dad joke was bigoted ...

What's interesting to me is how people try to cover for racial and religious bigotry and by playing word games to make it seem like a bigotry is as casual a thing as spelling.

He's saying how flippancy about the subject of zazen covers for the significance of the bigotry.

Like sitting down or standing up to piss.


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That's fine.

I just want to study Zen while I'm here and learn about some anarchism.

As mentioned before, I don't really agree with your stance on ableism, but I don't disagree with the notion of "ableism" in general either ... so I don't have a particular concern in either direction in this specific instance.

I appreciate you not moderating with an iron fist, but at the same, do what you gotta do.

I love Ewk and think he is a Zen genius, but he's far from infallible and I am not his keeper. I will moderate him and others in accordance with the administration of this site, barring any major moral quandaries.

So have it as you see fit ... it's good for his practice.

And I appreciate you being open and candid. If you ever have any concerns with this community, please let me know.



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Reply to comment by Styx in Zen and Anarchism by TheFacelessFace

Thanks for the reading recommendation.

I'm sorry to have pwned you into sarcasm and disingenuous questions.

Still, I'm very generous:

Ching Ch'ing asked a monk, "What sound is that outside the gate?"

The monk said, "The sound of raindrops."

Ch'ing said, "Sentient beings are inverted. They lose themselves and follow after things."

The monk said, "What about you, Teacher?"

Ch'ing said, "I almost don't lose myself."

The monk said, "What is the meaning of 'I almost don't lose myself'?"

Ch'ing said, "Though it still should be easy to express oneself, to say the whole thing has to be difficult."

When great master Yongjia first arrived at CaoXi, he circled the rope seat three times, shook his ringed staff, and stood there.

The patriarch said, "A monk embodies three thousand dignified manners and eight hundred details of conduct. Where have you come from, Great Worthy, to give rise to such conceit?"

Yongjia said, "The matter of life and death is important; impermanence is swift."

The patriarch said, "Why don't you realize no birth and comprehend no speed?"

Yongjia said, "Realization basically has no birth, comprehension basically has no speed."

The patriarch said, "That is so. That is so."

Yongjia now paid respects with full ceremony, and then bade farewell.

The patriarch said, "Isn't that too quick?"

Yongjia said, "It's basically inherently not movement; how could there be quickness?"

The patriarch said, "Who knows non-movement?"

Yongjia said, "You're creating distinction yourself."

The patriarch said, "You've gotten the meaning of no birth."

Yongjia said, "Does no birth have meaning?"

The patriarch said, "Without meaning, who would discriminate?"

Yongjia said, "Discrimination is not meaning either."

The patriarch said, "Good, good! Stay overnight."


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I don't know about Raddle's bias, but my bias is towards honesty, sincerity, and Zen study.

I am very biased against trolling and dishonesty.

I would assume Raddle to be generally "anti-corporate" but I'm not sure exactly how they will handle "authority".

A have a general intellectual bias towards smaller groups. Specifically, I have a personal working theory that human communal systems tend to start to become very unwieldy at a certain size. So, I think Raddle, being small now, is likely to not have many issues as a platform. When things get ridiculously large, it becomes difficult to manage.

Otherwise, I'm not really sure.