TheDevilAndMrJones wrote

Way too often...

Look, I love FLOSS stuff. So much so, that I'm going to get a degree and learn how to program to aid other FLOSS programs. But it simply doesn't work on either of my machines.

On my (non-corebooted) T420, wireless won't work. I need to have wireless to work because, well, it's a laptop. And my college doesn't have just random eithernet ports around campus. WiFi's nice though...

Also, sometimes I just kinda like (read: tolerate) Windows? I do think 10 is the best version out there, since all Windows versions are proprietary and spy on you no matter what you try and do about it, so why not use the latest version, with a bunch of spiffy stuff on it?

Plus, I really like OneNote 2016, and soon coming ON2019. It's a gift from the heavens because I have a small defect in my arm, so I can't write for long periods, but typing doesn't hurt me for the same periods.

Do I like Windows (10 or any edition)? Nope. I can only tolerate it at best. But sometimes I just need something to work, and Windows does that for me at least.


TheDevilAndMrJones wrote

OneNote 2016.

As a college student, I love this thing. I can draw, take notes either with a keyboard, or voice, cloud takes care of all my worries, and it's all around a beautiful product. Except it's 100% proprietary, and so is the file format for what it saves, so you can't even export your work/notes to another libre service.

If anyone knows a good note taking application (either cloud or physical file storage) then let me know. Before anyone says "take a notepad and pen to class" I do, I just have a... let's say birth defect that limits what my arm can and can't do.