TheAlienatrix wrote

Hi all,

I'm in my 40s and live in the northeast US.

I've had disordered eating my entire life and a diagnosable eating disorder for more than 10 years.

I've been suffering with BED for the last five of those years and then, after my mother died in Sept, something clicked and I went full tilt back into restriction, counting, obsessing, etc. At least the weight loss feels better than the weight gain with BED.

Grateful for the ED support community (no matter what platform we exist on these days).


TheAlienatrix wrote (edited )

Another day has transpired, my fellow ED travelers.

Here's my tally:

Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: 12 ounces of au bon pain minestrone soup (120), milky way fun size bar (100)

Dinner: Candy bar halo top (340).

Snack: Two pita chips (50)

Total: A whopping 610. I could have definitely survived without the chocolate or pita chips.

Hope you all were successful today or at peace with yourself if you weren't.


TheAlienatrix wrote

I think we're all desperate!!! I think if we keep building this up and make it really supportive and honest as ProEd and gently remind everyone over at Reddit about our existence people will naturally migrate over.

I am totally happy that Raddle exists--I had never heard of it before. I'm always for disrupting these increasingly authoritarian social media businesses, so this is a nice alternative to Reddit!


TheAlienatrix wrote

I LOVED this on ProED, so here goes:

Breakfast: Zilch Lunch: Grilled chicken breast (180), 6 ounces of raspberries (90) Dinner: 15 ounces of zucchini, grilled (120), one chicken tender (85)

Total: Less than 500. Close enough. I don't have a calculator near by.

This is ok, but I could have done better. I have been going for less than 300 the last couple of days in preparation for Bingeing Day. :(