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If they WERE on their way, dumping the merch was a pure loss for you. Already left the store and therefore already did the crime.

If they weren't and the LP was just bluffing, then dumping it might've made them give you some slack and actually not report it. "Might"


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This is what you're looking for:

I hadn't seen any ceiling cameras at all in my walmart and only saw 2 shelf cameras in the electronics section. I also heard about these hard to notice white ones and so I spent 2 days trying my damn best to find them. Turns out there's 4 of them looking across electronics.

(Good thing the rest of the store still doesn't have much)


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Thanks for your input!

I started going to them not too long ago and, save for one, they're all super targets. 8 runs so far (i think) totaling about $500+ in value.

I did notice some ... peculiar... movement from customers at times, but I was able to either lose them or bore them into leaving. Never encountered aggressive hospitality or exit door "parties".

I know the golden rule of not getting greedy, so I stuck to small quantities and small sizes; and I've made sure to leave PLENTY of time between visits.

All in all, I'm still extremely cautious of those camera infested places (definitely not a walk in the park like Walmart). I also don't underestimate their power when it comes to LP and surveillance.

Only time will tell how this all plays out.


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If the items are small or thin enough, you could always sneak them into the fitting room under some clothing and conceal them there

Edit: I guess that's just general knowledge, but I can't really say much since my Walmart has practically no security

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You could do that, but it would be tedious and maybe make noise you don't want.

There's three options (afaik) for taking these.

  1. First is rare, but check to see if your store's AES towers are active and can pick up a signal from the soft tags (actually take the tag out to test this. You don't want to fail and be caught with merchandise). If not, then don't worry about removing them.

  2. If you see something like this ( unattended, you can use it to disable the soft tags. BUT BE CAREFUL, because they make a sound when they're used. It's not super loud, but it could attract someone to you.

  3. Just use a faraday/booster bag. It will block the signal completely. Easiest method as long as you can maintain your composer while carrying that thing around.