ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

It's just like when a business says that they open at a certain hour. Everybody doesn't all of a sudden show up. That's just the earliest that you could visit.

10pm just happens to be the magic number for a lot of walmart stores. (In my case, it's when the second exit is abandoned but still accessible and not locked)

But, just like Lurkerz, I prefer to visit around 2-3am. It's a preference based mostly around possible customer and LP population.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Looks like the clothes you took was source tagged (in other words, it had tags inside of them).

This is relatively recent for clothing. But, unlike hard objects with unmoving barcodes, clothing tags can remain active after scanning because the barcode and tag could be too far for the machine to deactivate them. And that's probably why you weren't followed after leaving the store.