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shes right, in bigger cities in sketch neighborhood store Walmart is very dangerous to lift from. I never knew what a blind spot wasn't until I went to an entirely different state. Like you guys seriously don't have cameras in every aisle? It's a literal blind spot, numbers of them, craziest shit ive ever seen. Even my grocery stores don't have blind spots

As for OP id stay out of the city and in the burbs.


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Think about it this way, let's say every camera works at target, could you imagine what tha screen would look like? Even on my 70" screen they would all be thumbnails, much less on a 24" monitor their LP is using. The only monitored cameras would be main aisles, baby and electronics.

You're a chick? Bwhahaha target is your bitch. Dress like any millennial that includes office suit, hipster or even pjs and you'll be okay. Conceal with your back to a camera and from the seat compartment of your cart.

Use the toys, towel or seasonal section to conceal. I would stay away from clothing at target it's not like Walmart. You can't conceal in their fitting rooms bc they're always attended. GL


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Go to the store and hangout for hours while it's busy. I'd normally spend three hours in a bestbuy just checking out random things so its not unusual to be there for a longer time.

My bestbuy only has cameras in the main aisles so you can detag down any aisle.


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What the diff if the chicken is cooked or raw? It's still a whole chicken

My city charges for plastic bags. So reusables are a more than common sight. Grab a reusable, fill it up, go to the restroom but leave my bag at the fountain. I rub one out in the stall to kill some time then walk out of the restroom, grab my bag and out the door. To make it look like I did some shopping and used the bathroom afterwards.