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Here's an idea, if you post a haul post a multi store haul. Once you do that your trail is greyed enough not to be traced.

Hauls are the best part man. I don't know what to lift anymore. Maybe someone could show me.

Btw can we get a "recent post" navi button like Reddit and not just new posts?


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There's a thread a few posts down that says the store advertised one doesn't work.

Ive never used the foil. I don't like walking in with visible bags, it's a red flag. I will hide a drawstring bag underneath a sweater or in my pants. That's how I got my switch

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You have to case the store. Find out when the yellow shirt takes breaks and shift changes. That's your chance to lift to your hearts desire.

I've gotten everything I've wanted out of there including a switch, a PS4, every Bluetooth speaker you can think of and every earbud except the AirPods bc each store only has one pair if that

You don't just lift bestbuy but if you get the schedule down it's a cake walk. The lp is out right in front of you in a bright ass shirt. They can't make make it any easier