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I'm convinced those that say get in and out are lp trying to get you to make their life easier or those that fell for their speil. I don't look suspect so I have no problem staying awhile. Shopping for awhile lessens the heat on you. As for buying something I don't think it matters but I do put things back just in case some one was watching, it gives me a time gap to get away while they check to see if I put the lifted item back.


Thanksreddit wrote

Yes that noise is a demagnetizer. Weird fact, I've never come across a tagged bluray.

Yes you could possibly pull another source tagged item across the scale when scanning a bluray. You'd have to cover up the upc BC source tags are always near the barcode and you might end up scanning the second product.

Lego's are not source tagged


Thanksreddit wrote

You should bring a target bag with you. Go get your printer put it in your cart. Shop for a an hour, pick up a towel or something to fill the target bag. Walk over to grocery and look for a blind spot, fill your target bag with the towel. Walk towards the door with your printer in the big compartment, bag in the seat. Make the bag noticeable. Don't take any main aisles and walk slowly. Walk through the first empty register and out.

Oh BTW, not sure if printers are source tagged. Gl