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Grocery stores rarely is ever call the cops. If you're stealing food, just tell them you're homeless and hungry. They don't sell ps4's like meijer do they? If they do, run

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If its going to take more than 3 seconds you're going to need a magnet. Unlock the rack and walk away. Leave and come back a couple hours later to see if it's still open. If it is, then move it to another department for the next day. If its locked, it wasn't meant to be

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Definitely don't wear a bookbag and if it's a hoody make it a high end designer one. You're just making it harder on yourself. I fucking despise bsperry boat shoes and pastel colors but when I go to target I'll wear them.


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If you can cut it, then cut it. They're putting on aftermarket hard plastic hang tags so you can't cut them. Put that shit in another department and come back tomorrow for it


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Just FYI when you pull off a tag, remember to put the two piece back together before tossing them. Knowing someone stole isn't as big a deal as knowing someone is stealing witb might be a lost detacher. Ya know its a felony and all

And yeah practicing Penn and tellering security tags comes in very handy