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You put the hard tags in your shoe? If you leave hangers they know what's up. Double hang them and put them back on the floor

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8 ptz, 2 in electronics, where near the aisle or towards the back? I'm guessing they were equidistance apart from each other in the dept. Where were your other 6 ptzs?

Did you ever do inventory? If not you, who does? What depts?


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Concealed in a jacket with inner pockets. They had four on the shelves, two of each 3sgb and 64gb. I grabbed two, put them in my cart, walked to a low theft dept like seasonal or sporting goods, picked up items to fit in the alpha boxes in this case legos, shopped for about half an hour while I opened the cases, dumped the cases legos in clearance, concealed the tvs, ditched the cart and left. Thanks! target