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Chromecasts are not source tagged

A haul in my book is multiple stores and that's usually on the weekends. If your small time lifter I'd stick to return fraud if you want something big. Sometimes large objects aren't worth much to begin with.


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I dont think so dude. Youd have to kill or rape someone and even if you raped them you could just blame it on the president. I dont think they'd expell you from hs for raiding lost and found.

The fire part is hard to pull off bc most people will report a fire right away. You can look on reddits ulpt for better ideas


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Not babies or clothing? I always thought those were high theft in target. Hmmm, those strollers provide good coverage.

How many new lp do they hire for the holidays? Do they need ba kground or will anyone who wants to do it qualify? Just wanting to know my competition for the upcoming black Friday. Well I guess it's now Thanksgiving day shopping


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$55 for under armour is worth every penny. Not sure where you get off calling that expensive when some of my tshirts are $100. They created that compression shit, they should charge more.