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Apropos Satan... It's not the dumbest dream I ever had, but the most devastating. In my dream there was a goat, and it was clear to me that this animal was pure evil and had to die. So I choked it. With all my might I choked it. And holding it very tight to my breast I could feel the life slowly slipping out of the furry body. It felt so real. In a way it made me sad, on the other side this thing was pure evil and had to die. One of the very few dreams I will never forget.


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What I would like to say to your friends: In a sick system it is of no surprise so many people become sick. Those people in turn then further constitute this broken society, and so on. Healing can only happen if people realize that, and step outside of the system, not outside of humanity.

In a way the system makes people sick because it detaches them more and more from a healthy humanistic way of life, and pushes them into a narcissistic, possession/consumption oriented superficial shitshow that will destroy itself.


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One should of course always stay sceptical of the sources you get your information on internet from, but googleing 'Gandhi misconduct' returns articles by the guardian, independent and vice on this subject matter. If it was only one site reporting it I wouldn't trust it, but if it's on at least three 'reputable' sites I at least start to consider that there might be something there.