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Oh cool. It's one of the only other animes I watch, more just as an easygoing light thing I find rewatchable. Not as good as One Piece but it'll make you really hyped to overcome the obstacles in your life, which I enjoy. I'm looking forward to new seasons.


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I wonder how long it would take them to begin to remake the whole show once it was done. I think Luffy's voice actor is so great though I don't know if she is replaceable. It'd be pretty amazing to see the show in HD, without the fillers and gratuitous fanservice.

Looking forward to next week!


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Being more specific about me, though this question can be general and for everyone. I've struggled with finding stuff to read for a while. Frankenstein is my favourite book, though I barely remember it now.

I tried Samuel R Delaney and wasn't super taken by it. I got through Babel-17 but just couldn't get into that long book of his.

When I was younger I liked magical realist stuff.

I fee like I would enjoy something something sharp and witty, but I don't even know where to begin.


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Hey welcome. Feel free to make a post introducing yourself however you'd like in f/lobby, if you like.

Each person gets space for a bio in their profile, some put their patreon or other details there, it's also a space to put your pronouns.


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why must we be identified with the same word as the one that describes those who committed the suffering and damage that we are trying to repair and heal?

It's not the same word, imo. The word to describe the other group is 'coloniser'. 'Settler' is more neutral while still pointing to the things i needs to. It's like white verus white supremacist.

Also, many indigenous groups have modes of inclusion that would allow settlers who are genuinely in solidarity and of the land to be with them in a real way.

Aragorn! was one such example in Turtle island, for example:

Whether stated in the same language or not, the only indigenous anarchists that I have met (with one or three possible exceptions) have been native people. This is not because living with these principles is impossible for non-native people but because there are very few teachers and even fewer students.


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Based on what you have said, yes it is controlling.

You haven't said enough about her to say whether asking her along would be good. Either way, it's a bit toxic that you feel you should.

You should be allowed to have friends for yourself, even women, and your partner should trust you with your agreements if you have agreed to be monogamous. And if you can't have friends from work then that's a huge section of your life you're being disallowed friends from.


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Agreed, though I think everything anarchist works this way - on a case-by-case basis based on context - and same for everything we can think in terms of useful approaches and considerations, even if they are applied or not applied or applied dynamically depending on the child. I dunno.