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I try to establish reliable sources and I do tend to give credence to other sources that work within those frameworks, just because I don't have the capacity to investigate everything and because within those frameworks there is often a certain assumed level of critical thought required. I'd like to think that I would withhold my belief in the assertions made by a meme, and am often curating what I post here by refraining from posting stuff here that seems iffy. It's quite pleasant to post about something and be corrected, though.

I'd hope it's the practice of everyone here to take all internet assertions with a grain of salt at least.

In the case of the infographic mentioned, it seems like one factor in the response there was that people got their backs up when being asked to give sources and responded in a kind of 'dig their heels in' way. While it's unrealistic to expect someone reposting a meme from elsewhere to come up with a set of sources for the information on that meme, it was probably counterproductive for them to repost the meme in the first place.


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I'm not sure why they left just based on a disagreement with you. Seems quite a strong response; hopefully they are OK and they come back.

I do think that anarcho-syndicalism is an actual form of anarchism, and that some socialisms are compatible with some anarchisms. I also think that you might have misunderstood each other, perhaps because of a lack of clarity around their use of 'voting' and 'power structures', for example.


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Well, according to Forbes humanity is going to be starved by 2050, so I feel like we don't have to worry so much...

But if things end up continuing to last and make sense in present terms, I'm hoping to be part of a community of people who I live among and who take care of each other.


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And I think, for starters, go learn how capitalism works, and, also, don’t think of resistance to colonial violence as necessarily being inspired by Marxism, because the Haitian Revolution happened how many years before Marx was born? People of color across the world have been resisting white supremacy, have been resisting capitalism prior to Karl Marx synthesizing history the way that he did and applied a set of theory to the particular kind of resistances that people had, or, prior to anarchism, describing social organizations in a particular way and historicizing the ways in which people were living and existing. I mean, non-white folks have been existing in kind of organized societal structures longer than nation-states have been a thing. I think people need to not buy into this white supremacist and really Eurocentric understanding of human development, of social development that does revolve around participation in nation-states.