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This is not an exhaustive list of ableist words; just the words that the bot was dealing with.

The sidebar of f/ability is has a fuller outline of ableist language, afiak.

Votes only apply to non-ToS breaches on the occasion that someone is unbearable despite not breaking the ToS. For the most part admins want nothing to do with this kind of process and want it to be dealt with by mods in their respective forums, we just haven't made that explicit to everyone yet. Breaking the ToS comes with a ban regardless of what users desire, and that's why ziq banned you.


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There are things that it's important for me to figure out until I feel like I have a grip on it, so those things go on my mind. Since even before that anarchy bang episode where we asked aragorn! to talk about prefiguration, I've been wondering how to relate to it and how to fit it in broadly with anarchy.

I have loads of unresolved things that I've got in the back of my mind, and they come to the fore whenever someone else is engaging it.

The main thing I think about is the broadest topic of consolidating decolonial and anti-civ positions.


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At least in future with these, where you are posting to ban multiple users, please group posts by user and generally try to minimise on work admins need to take on in order to understand and further your request.

It'd take more than an hour to process this and respond appropriately.


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From Against The Logic Of The Guillotine

Every tool implies the forms of social organization that are necessary to employ it. In his memoir, Bash the Rich, Class War veteran Ian Bone quotes Angry Brigade member John Barker to the effect that “petrol bombs are far more democratic than dynamite,” suggesting that we should analyze every tool of resistance in terms of how it structures power. Critiquing the armed struggle model adopted by hierarchical authoritarian groups in Italy in the 1970s, Alfredo Bonanno and other insurrectionists emphasized that liberation could only be achieved via horizontal, decentralized, and participatory methods of resistance.

“It is impossible to make the revolution with the guillotine alone. Revenge is the antechamber of power. Anyone who wants to avenge themselves requires a leader. A leader to take them to victory and restore wounded justice.”

-Alfredo Bonanno, Armed Joy