Tequila_Wolf wrote

I suspect it depends on the store. Perishables especially they would be replacing regularly anyway, less perishables might be getting replaced as they run out.

I'll guess that big stores register how much of everything they have and as purchases are made there's an alert that gets sent to buy more when a certain amount is sold. So stealing a piece of cheese wouldn't register on the system, maybe until later if they are good at taking inventory?

I steal dairy products sometimes if I feel like dairy (despite being more or less vegan). Generally I think it's permissible to steal stuff from large corporations regardless of what it is.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

"MPD has always acted as the enforcement arm of the economic and political elite. Like its fellow departments around the country, it is at the front end of a system of mass incarceration that devours black, brown and indigenous peoples, stripping them of voting rights, job prospects and dignity, keeping wages low and people divided. The US police system, we contend, is not reformable."