Tequila_Wolf wrote

As a side note, I would absolutely love to see this question answered in all different forums of different ideologies. How would it look different in a tankie forum, or a pepe frog make america great forum? The way we answer this and the significance of those differences is definitely one of the most interesting political questions there is for me.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Seriously though, UK leftists. Imagine you had spent the last five years building tenant associations, autonomous unions, communal gardens, antifascist groups, community kitchens, housing co-operatives and pretty much anything other than working for the Labour party. Imagine if all that ‘Corbynista’ energy had gone into those things instead. How much better off would you and your community be in the face of this pandemic? You’d have something tangible, something you could use and build on. Now that it’s over, what has the Corbyn project left you with?