Tequila_Wolf admin wrote

Alright. So you've already been banned from this forum for a day as a precautionary measure.

To answer some of your questions, yeah, in this and other queer-friendly spaces we default to 'they' when we don't know a person's pronouns. Each person has the opportunity to list their pronouns in their user bio, and that's a good place to check.

People do make mistakes with pronouns. In that case it's appropriate to apologise and try to get it right in the future (like any mistake), rather than melodramatically talk about mortal sins.

Please cut out the oppressive language, like 'bitching'. Shouldn't be too tough, you're actually one of the few who seem to grasp the logic of this space quite easily.

Since you've already got the ban, I'm just going to give you a one-time warning towards a permanent sitewide ban and take no further action.

If you'd like to debate the use of words further, you're welcome to PM me. Otherwise, I recommend you de-escalate this whole thing by staying out of it. You're skirting the ToS as it is and probably would not have made it out of here if this thread weren't specifically intended for the purpose of talking about oppressive language.

If anybody is interested, I'll also be looking into the use of 'cuck'. I don't come from a context where the word is racialised but since it seems to be in the US that warrants consideration.