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That's something I've always been confused about. What is the path towards anarchy? Is it building your community and cultivating a general sense of self-reliance? And just rejecting the state on a personal/communal level? Because it seems improbable to turn the US at large into anarchy, I feel like the only viable approach is on the small scale. I should probably read more essays.


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Liberalism isn't the answer but neither is violence, no matter how tempting it is. If we look at the Civil Rights movement, Malcolm X advocated for violence initially and later changed his mind embracing MLK's perspective. I think protests, sit-downs, strikes, etc are the answer. Violence will only allow the media and the state to villanize us further, as they did with movements like Antifa and BLM.

edit: Whoops, I was wrong, my bad. Looks like I got some more reading to do


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A malicious employee could do a lot. They know all the camera locations, the bosses vehicles, names, etc. There are usb sticks that will overload a usb port and fry the machine. A competant IT guy would be able to tell that is what happened but maybe they wouldn't hire one.

He could also defraud the company. Or embezzle.

Of course, none of this is advice. Hypothetical ramblings.


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If you pushed her - possible battery charge. Police report would be filed. I wouldn't go to any walmart for a while. Check facebook pages to see if they posted your image looking for a samaritan to identify you.


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Honestly self checkout, in my opinion, is high risk low reward. The employees are there, trained to watch for stuff like that, and the intricate system of scales and cameras ensure it is difficult as well. And for what? One item? If I am to do it, I usually weigh an item as bananas and have bananas in the cart.

Walk outs are the way to go for high volume groceries. I used to do it at wholefoods. Felt very nice going home to my mom and siblings with 300$ worth of food when she had only given me 40$.

Anyways, sorry to hear that you got caught.


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Right, I totally get what you're saying. But I don't think it is mutually exclusive that these can be good movies and be, if I may quote you, "Outcast Fantasizing About Violence" masturbatory movies. Like junk food media almost.


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The IRS cares about income. It isn't their job to care how you got the product, just that they get their share.

I would recommend talking to a someone who specializes in taxes if you're pulling more than a couple hundred a month.


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You are going completely off on a tangent. Literally wtf are you on about. I was providing information that my specific job said to be aware of people that wear masks. Do with info as you will. It's just keeping aware of the culture of the store and how to blend in. Similar to wearing nice clothes and behaving as a shopper does. If 99% of the people in the store don't have masks, it is worth to be aware that you might be tailed specifically because you're wearing one.

Go play with your strawmen elsewhere.


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To all law enforcement entities, this is post in made in a hypothetical context and is not advice in any way shape or form.

If I were to want to figure out how to blind cameras, I would purchase one. They can be had on ebay for ~30$ and aren't hard to rig up. Wouldn't want to have my maiden voyage with some fancy IR glasses be in a gucci store would I? Check out pentesting videos on youtube as well. I'm sure they go into camera subterfuge.