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What I’ll do is get a tote bag or empty bags from stores and go into the dressing room pick like 4-5 items and conceal two this way your not looking suspicious and not coming out with anything then just quickly exit the store and bring a golf magnet or a fishing magnet to detach security tags and stuff them in clothing pockets who your are not gonna conceal


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Don’t grab a bucket just grab as much as you can and just leave through the garden door if you grab a bucket and start putting stuff on it your gonna be flagged by Security fast just repeat through different stores till you have enough


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Same they act like their so smart boosting shit and just going through the doors with thousand dollar felony amount items in reality they probably a bunch of meth addicted skinheads who walk into Walmart and the employees groan at the fact that they already know their stealing while their acting like their some high IQ John Wick or some shit in reality if you tried most of the shit you would get the cops behind your ass in a persuit or better yet you would get the FBI and the police department on your ass for selling stolen goods upward of 50k a year


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Alright yea sometime I hit up a high end mall near the City whole place has designer store everywhere but I only lifted from Nordstrom