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That's the thing. I feel a lot of the reasons we currently need so many security mechanisms comes down to capitalism- an IPS/IDS seems like overkill in a decentralized system removed from an "economy"

but I do feel human nature doesn't remove certain aspects- some ppl will use other's physical selves as leverage. Creating systems to prevent that- much less in a totally free system where physical devices are shared makes certain kinds of privacy, which are really nice (albeit not necessary), very challenging

edit: just responding because I love this subject and would love feedback on this subject


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I love you.

I completely agree and honestly think the key would be to have some sort of public and private profiles? Honestly a nig part of my thinking foes tro human activities of flirting- sharing nudes has become a big part of technology and society. There's nothing wrong with that- but there are networks out there that are (mostly) outside monetary models and depending more on rep. Most of it still has to do with capitalist breakdowns of star and celebrity- btu I can still see a decentralized community still having an underground n00dz community, much more easily perpetuated by current models of "access tot eh device, access to the data" standards.

The proliferation of easy to use, secure FOSS is certainly helping with this though.


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while I agree with you on most of this, I think a public cloud and computers being treated as public resources creates a big threat to the individual

after all, anarchism/communism/socialism can remove the need for private property in many senses- but personal computing needs a huge update in order to embrace security AND privacy while allowing public contact on all physical nodes. Personally I don't feel any current security protocols, esp those easily understood and implemented by the avg individual, are a good fit for this.