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I absolutely cannot get caught

Lol which makes it even funnier when you get caught. Damn I wish I could see it. 😈

Anyway, just walk out with the shit in a back pack and carry pepper spray or a taser to menace any minimum-wage action heroes. Walk straight to the whip and drive off.

Fake plates? Just smear mud on the plate, brah 🧠


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So they brought the droid back with a more angular design and they calling it the Razor? Lawd ham mercy


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I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out the best course of action here.

See, that’s why I quit as of yesterday. This is so dumb. All of this planning and fantasizing over a $500 piece of shit.

Would take less effort convincing a business owner to pay you $500 to build them a wordpress site.


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I was in the shittiest state in the country. A southern state that has little going for it other than a couple college football teams. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the most racially divided state in the country.

But yea usually no one suspects me. I’m well-spoken and attractive with a friendly face.

The only people who automatically are suspicious of me are young black girls. I even had a girl stare at my pocket while asking me if I was going to buy anything as I was walking out. Had to reach in my pocket and show her I had another cell phone before telling her to kindly go f*** a dog