SuperDave wrote (edited )

If you think you have a smart lifter who will dodge your cameras, my recommendation is to follow them on foot very carefully, unless you have no blind spots. Theyll use sleight of hand tricks to make you think they have dumped the item sometimes. But i haven't heard of that on this forum.


SuperDave wrote (edited )

Staged items will be hidden in what the lifter thinks is a blind spot to cameras, or a low traffic area. They'll hide things either behind other items or under shelves in most cases.

If something doesn't look hidden its probably just an honest customer.

Tho most lifters are stupid and will load up right infront of the camera. They wont use this method.


SuperDave wrote (edited )

little advice too. watch for staged items. thats about the most sophisticated and safest technique. put the item back if you see that. and ban the lifter from the store if your boss will let you. people who steal from a place like ross are scum, and you need to get them out of your store. Maybe even in jail depending on how much they have stolen.


SuperDave wrote

Good tip. im really just worried about cams tho. Hidden ones that i cant see. I have only stolen wine so far and where i live police don't respond to petty theft like that. the store has to fill out an affidavit and go through a really complicated process so they just dont report it. lol