SuperDave wrote

just be very careful and treat it as if security is top notch. make a buster bag with either aluminum foil or faraday fabric. they both work just as well as each other so i choose the cheaper aluminum foil.


SuperDave wrote

I really doubt they were into me. I did this at a time when I knew there was no one to watch the cameras, and in a location with no cameras visible. I took a GOOD look before and as I was bagging up. The lady saw me bypass the last point of sale with a full reusable bag and asked me to pay for it. It was full when I came in tho, and zipped up when I entered and attempted to leave.


SuperDave wrote

Shoplifters use lots of methods. I showed you the one I use, the one your describing sounds like sleight of hand.

You should ask questions in r/lossprevention in reddit. Those guys will be happy to help you and you'll get a lot of answers in a short period of time compared to here. You work in a charity shop basically, and you need to protect it.


SuperDave wrote (edited )

If you think you have a smart lifter who will dodge your cameras, my recommendation is to follow them on foot very carefully, unless you have no blind spots. Theyll use sleight of hand tricks to make you think they have dumped the item sometimes. But i haven't heard of that on this forum.