Sugar_Honey_Ice_Tea wrote

Ray Dalio had a good interview on Shane Parrish's podcast.

He discussed how technology has always disrupted businesses but people were able to adapt and move to something new. When switch networks came about phone operators could easily move to being technicians or work in other areas of service. Buggy operators could join the factory making cars. But the current wave of disruption due to software and AI is going to decimate jobs and most people will not be able to transition into being robot technicians or programming AI. And even if everyone could gain that skillset the new economy is not going to need that many people.


Sugar_Honey_Ice_Tea OP wrote

Proxmox has blown me away. I watched one one hour video on YouTube and I was on my way. I did not need to rewatch or google anything to get it setup. The setup was dead simple. I even started playing around with a cluster setup and I could click my way through setting up failover.

I will need to do some research to play around with Ceph and I want to be able to redo everything I accomplished so far from the command line.