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✋ I got a question: Could the fact that this Dr. Alschuler is a white man, unlike all those other CRT people you've been awarding 2-3 out 5 stars, influence your fondness for his legal scholarship?

These legal stars, men those on the left revere to this day, couldn't just say: preventing people from eating at a public restaurant because of their color is wrong. They couldn't do that. They had to twist and turn and wriggle around verbally.

Raddle, why the fuck do we continue tolerating this??


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Welcome to raddle!

Well, my rule of thumb is that if the source that's being posted (article, zine, video, etc.) has an anarchist bend then it should be posted to f/anarcha_feminism and if it's something just concerning feminism/women in general but without an explicit anarchist angle (such as the current Roe v Wade debate) then it goes here to f/feminism.

But this is not something to worry about too much. You won't get banned or have your posts deleted if you don't stick to this; the worst that could happen is someone suggesting a more suitable forum.

I made this comment mainly because anarcha-feminism seems to be a very much dead affair with only very few recent discussions and so when something comes up, such as this interview, in which two anarchists discuss the anarchist involvement in the passing of Roe v Wade, it at least gives you a hope that anarcha-feminism isn't entirely a moribund project.


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Reply to comment by Fool in PSA by Styx

3 out of 8 use them as nouns. Can't find a single one used as a verb there. But then, I can't English to save my life...


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Ok, I apologise. I thought you were reposting someone else's article and not yours and I really regret not taking a few breaths before I reacted to it.

It's just you are posting this here a day after Roe v Wade was stricken down. Whether you like it or not, identity politics matter very much and yes, there'll be many well-meaning and not so well-meaning people who will abuse them for their fash purposes. Saying fuck identity politics because it devolved into petty bickering is choosing to pick the low-hanging fruit from a forest that has almost burned down completely.


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Do you really think that anprims are going to run around and destroy electric wheelchair because 'tEchNOlOGy bAd'??

And do you think it's really better for her to 'whizz around town' that mostly shuns and looks down upon her because of her disability, or to have limited mobility but be surrounded by a community that cares for you and sees you as an equal?

Maybe look up how wheelchairs were developed. It wasn't your tech wizzes or big pharmas that out of goodness of their hearts wanted to help people with disabilities, but the family members who didn't want to see their loved ones locked up in their rooms who experimented with various ways to improve their mobility.