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That's my point exactly. To the best of my knowledge, the site was originally supposed to be just like the reddit fempire, but not hosted on reddit. I'm not saying needs to change; I'm saying I don't want raddit to turn into a dumping ground for a tiny group of people.

This is a bit mistaken. The copying part people were interested in was the general format and user interface of Reddit, like threaded comment sections, front page, various sorts, no avatars subscriptions and so on. It was a common feeling that the platform was neat but the Masters were awful. But becoming an alternative to Reddit or even few thousand users was never a serious goal and in fact at one point we had a PhpBB board. is not like the Feminist Voat in anysense.

Having a place to hang out without Redditry was the most important goal all along, which I suspect also contributed to seeming unpoliticality of the site as it now exists. Many users who wanted a new place were themselves grown weary or frustrated with /r/shitredditsays and /r/srsdiscussion and doxxxes and leaks had had an effect on morale, making us lose contact with many members of the community and contributed to the feeling of walking on eggshells.

The activism portion we had going on back then was trying to get the Reddit side administration to behave, like at all, by contacting media organizations about /r/jailbait, white supremacist subreddits and so on.

I only included that because the site is focused on feminism, but a non-negligible portion of feminists are also communists, who would like to talk about feminism and communism. But they can't do that if the rest of the users are liberals. I'm well aware that wasn't intended to be a communist site.

TBH I don't see what the issue is here. If feminists do one thing, it's debating amongst themselves. The bigger issue is the size of the userbase and its focus rather than it being too liberal. Truth to be told, I prefer arguing in places where there isn't that much of an consensus, but that's just me. Some of the places least amenable for discussion like /r/samharris, /r/jordanpeterson and /r/atheism encourage habits that stifle critical discussion. But it similarities also let pursue projects deeper.


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For those who don't know, was /r/ShitRedditSays's attempt to create an alternative website to reddit, for mostly the same reasons that raddit was created.

Hardly. The situation of Reddit and politics at wide have evolved quite a bit, and the goal of the off-site project was always more on the social side, not to serve some positive political or normative goal. In the end the site came to being as we stopped planning and started doing. Outside of SRSDiscussion and SRSPrime, what SRS did was mostly provide alternative communities that moderated bigotry and trolling, in a way that mostly didn't take into account political views. In otherwords, it was being run more like a safespace rather than an actual activist space.

What went wrong with this website

few main reasons for the website's failure

There are two senses in which could be a failure. First, it was somehow ethically wrong or secondly it failed to live up to its goal. The former, which your complaint about 'liberalism' hints at, is yet to be demonstrated. The latter is false, though it would be nice if our ranks were doubled or tripled, but it's not like I care much.

I don't the rest of points are worth engaging with - yes the site is to a large degree about people having fun, we know each other pretty well (though does that really make a clique? I'd like to think we're a friendly bunch).