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She said it was maybe something we could talk about later, and she's not the type to blow people off like you'd think saying that would mean. But she only likes me as a friend.

She's stopped saying she loves me (which she meant platonically, but which I still felt).


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There's a girl I love who lives far away and she's a great friend but she doesn't love me back and likely never will. I even told her how I feel.

She set a new profile photo on her Facebook; she looks amazing and I just keep thinking about how her and every other girl I've ever loved has never loved me back, and I get maybe one 'Like' a week on Tinder and it's always someone I find quite unattractive.


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TransComrade69 is a piece of shit. She called me a transphobe for disagreeing with her and censored my name in the moderation log (like "R*chel"). It's like she didn't even see me as a trans person. The way her and fucking Cuttlefish talked about me, it was like I was just another gross cis dude to them. Funny how that just happens to he something I've told myself in the mirror for years. And she wants to act like she cares about her trans "sisters" or whatever.

(Everything Cuttlefish said about me is a lie, by the way. They are either mentally ill or really believe they're supposed to be obeyed, because when pressed about their accusations they just referred back to...and you'll fucking love this...the very post where she made those accisations, which as you can surmise had no fucking elaboration or receipts. She also accused me of asking them to doxx an SA survivor BECAUSE I ASKED THIS FUCKING PSYCHO FOR RECEIPTS when they claimed I said something inappropriate to an SA survivor.)

(Also, the admins all lied to me about being banned "for my own safety" back in November.)