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The entire article is basically.

White people bad.

White people = colonialism and imperialism.

White people scared of the blacks.

This whole article is a stretch based on bias authors, it is only a problem when white people have to deal with it.

We all know that in modern times people have access to cheap food and snacks that equals empty calories along with living a sedentary lifestyle and when food was scarce of course being slightly larger means a person you would want to be with because of the abundance of food, wealth, status.


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Lol a socialist that hates cops.

Do you think you are woke when you steal? And how many times have you been caught?


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A communist Antifa member that hates cops and ironically doesn't like fascist?

That's a good one, what color is your hair? And how many che posters do you have?


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Nope but the higher priced items like the star wars ones are tagged with a EAS sticker on them.

I personally like to place 2 of them on top of each other so it will definitely beep exiting.


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If you knew what he was doing youre an accessory they will tally up what he stole and submit a police report with footage and your license plate.


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They view it suspicious because people will do anything to steal including using their own kids to do tbe push out..

It's stupid to you but when you see and study peoples behavior everyday some things stand out.


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Haha good one! Once we got all the steps we need we will still apprehend you no matter if you are deaf or not.

You will look like a fool when you have to speak with the cops.


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All it takes is for one LP to notice you so generally we watch you depending on the person working they either scare you into dropping it or we app your ass.

I personally apprehend even for the smallest amount especially during a dry spell


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This is the best way to get caught especially if you are dumb enough to do it twice.