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It depends, one Walmart I lifted like 20 Pokémon pack of cards, the store is 2 story with low ceilings, and with groceries on the first floor, everything else on the 2nd. No cameras in the row containing the Pokémon cards ( this Walmart doesn't carry yugioh, only Pokémon) so I took what I could. I went to another Walmart more like a super Walmart it's really big, and they have yugioh. I was barely able to lift a yugioh deck walking down a row with no cameras, I've gotten caught at this Walmart YEARSSSS Ago, and their loss prevention is actually pretty good, anyways this time I walked out and remembered loss prevention being these big looking Samoan motherfuckers, as I'm outside I see one walking out and eyeballing me. I think he tried to get my attention but I was already a good distance from the door so I kept walking. Maybe he was hoping I'd walk back over to him. So yeah, some Walmart are a piece of cake, some are hard.


Stealingisfun6669 wrote

Try going back during a different shift/time of day, or a different day like a weekend VS weekday. Another thing I've tried is try and look at the workers name tag the day you lift and the next time you wanna go back call the store and ask for if they have some random ass item in stock be all polite and shit and say thanks for you help and if they can hold the item up front and ask for their name. If it's a name you remember then you know it may be the same people working the last time you were there. You could also make up some complaint and ask for a manager to see if they're at the store, and hang up before they them on the phone but also have a complaint ready because they may say they'll just pass it on to the manager instead of actually letting you speak to the manager