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Stapper wrote

We, We?! Where the fuck does the author get the audacity to compare himself with slaves more than 200 years ago. You don't see me carrying hate against protestants who attacked Catholics forcing them to move several provinces away from home and land. Admit it ziq your just as racist as the white supremacist.


Stapper wrote

Why all the white shaming? Africans were selling their neighbours to white slavers. This has nothing to do with race, just difference in power position. Maybe you should look up the etymology of the word slave.


Stapper wrote

Free competition is not “free,” because I lack the THINGS for competition. Against my person no objection can be made, but because I have not the things my person too must step to the rear. And who has the necessary things? Perhaps that manufacturer? Why, from him I could take them away! No, the State has them as property, the manufacturer only as fief, as possession.