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Do they make a big deal of making sure the other stores see my pics?

Is it just LP that get to see those photos or is it employees of the store as well?

I am in those areas of town a lot since I live in a smaller city and that's where all the good stores are. I haven't noticed anything unusual. I have stopped lifting anywhere to the level I did from the store which I was banned. I imagine that's going to be permanent. Im extremely lucky. I still will lift but If anything it's like one or two small items in my sleeve. My game now is much less frequent tiny hauls from random places. In the other store I'd go and fill my entire bag so full things were practically falling out of it. Honestly I kind of cringe when I think about it now. I tried to do it off camera every time but a couple of times I got bold.

I'm interested in trying the location 250 km from me. Do you think they will have my photo too? I feel like they might due to the amount I took and the extent of a problem I caused here.


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I do believe it is likely the same story in Canada. Is there going to be any place online the public can find this kind of info or do I have to formally contact someplace to ask?

So theoretically, if LP recognizes me. Can he request my ID to process a formal ban? Or will he just ask me to leave again? Am I expected to comply with his demands, based solely on "assumption"?

If LP approaches me and asks to speak to me aside or for my ID, what do I say?

I wont lie if they caught me again I'd be shitting my pants. But legally, if I make myself look completely different than any other time I ev entered their store , how do they prove for sure to themselves or to cops it's not a case of mistaken identity?

Does this mean that if there is no formal ban processed in paperwork, that they cannot call the cops? I just don't want to attempt if cops may be called with out my knowing and humiliated in front of a crowd of people. If they cannot call the cops with out approaching me first, then I may consider..


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