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If you're talking about the most recent incident I really wouldn't call that a "long, thoughtful response" and you were also condescending about it. It seems a bit rich to cry "abuse" given that. Honestly I'm pretty sick of this shit too but it seems to me that you keep adding gasoline to the fire every time this happens with dismissive remarks and spinning of the narrative. I really wish you'd stop acting like you can do no wrong and that it's all on everyone else.

idk I might be willing to try f/mediation but I feel like it's too late for that and it doesn't seem like you're remotely interested anyway. probably not gonna reply after this. All I'm trying to say is you don't seem to have exactly helped and it seems pretty off to exclusively play the victim.

ok I'm out probably gonna take a break and avoid raddle for a little while


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you need to shut the fuck up

This has got nothing to do with "purging enemies" and everything to do with actually acknowledging the shit that goes under the radar here. It's pretty clear with the rest of it that "basic" was being used in ableist context but because it's not one of the explicit nono words on your checklist you don't give a shit. I didn't even really want them banned, just for that shit to at least actually be acknowledged.

It's been obvious you don't truly give a shit about the marginalised people in this space ever since f/shoplifting was moved (yet it still took me months to see it). It's just incident after incident where you've been completely dismissive of the concerns of marginalised people with little but condescending remarks. I'm sure it's nice living in an isolated place away from it all but some of us are actually stuck right in the middle of this hellworld and have to live it every day.

"Entitled"? Really? Not wanting marginalising shit to be dismissed is "entitlement" now? Holy shit you are sounding more and more like a boomer every day.


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your comment/post history is still linked with the same username in this case. The type of delete button suggested would make it impossible to tell for certain whether any two comments from a deleted account came from the same person


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yes and it most likely sat at 2 for 10 minutes until I downvoted it and refreshed the page to find it had jumped to +4. That's already as much evidence as ziq had for whatever the fuck they think clouds was doing (which also seems to change every time they talk about it).


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don't have the energy to respond right now but honestly it's suspicious af that this went from +1 to +4 in under 3 minutes


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no, clouds called you those things because you were making baseless accusations against her. So she started making baseless accusations against you.

people are "raging at you" because you accused her of having fabricated the person who has been stalking and harassing her for months and sending her rape threats and death threats, "in order to gain sympathy for herself". I don't think even now you realise how fucked up that is. You then showed dodgy non-evidence for your claims, backpedalled slightly when called out on it, then proceeded to deny doing anything wrong while accusing anyone who dare talk about it of being an "enabler" who is no longer welcome here.

Then you spend a week calling anyone who happens to agree with some of the things clouds has said a "collectivist ideologue hive mind in a cult of personality" before making a post about how people shouldn't be surprised if they're called a collectivist when they keep painting groups of people with the same brush in order to shun them. Talk about projection.

I don't think anyone you're talking about has "spent all day whining about leftoids" meanwhile you keep making posts complaining about leftists on reddit.

It's truly amazing how much you seem to be lacking in self-awareness here. You're doing almost everything you're accusing everyone else of doing.