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I've found a lot of words like that have redefined themselves internally to the point that I forget that they're not actually derogatory to most people. Like "noble" for example - as far as I'm concerned to be "noble" is to be a self-centered, entitled little shit so I forget that in common usage it's considered a positive thing. In fact in common usage it means almost the exact opposite


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I think, I might agree with you on some points.

I would if it wasn't for the fact that every time this type of thing is brought up it's immediately after someone has come here in bad faith to shit on marginalized people before running and crying when they're called out on it.

"a different opinion" is a euphemism that really means being bigoted. It's got nothing to do with a difference in opinion and everything to do with the substance of it. I can only conclude that what they really want is for raddle to be less critical of bigotry.