SpiderGrinder wrote

Been a lazy rainy day here on the island, so it's a perfect day for some album binge. Organ Dealer is a band that I was not really sure I liked or not, since their album Visceral Infection did not click for me (and still doesn't). This material however is pretty good and I'll probably give them a chance at OEF this year, if I have time that is. You can listen to the Birdflesh side here, which is unfortunately pretty dull IMO.

Soon I'll grab that bottle of whisky I've been saving for a nice day like this, so I'll probably spam this forum even more later on.


SpiderGrinder wrote

A certain discourse that creates hierarchy (clean = good, dirty = bad) as something unusual/unaccepted/etc can be called 'dirty' and thus has stigma attached to it. This can be seen with the caste system, as the lower classes are 'dirty' compared to the 'clean' higher ones.

Clean/regular/hegemonic fun can also be pretty dull, so fuck it - let's just play together in the dirt, sweat a lot and have fun with the filthy side of life, whatever that is. Isn't it good for the immune system?? Oh, and having 'clean' environment can also be problematic.