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"I don't need to justify my actions to anyone"

And yet, look how hard you're trying to do so in this thread.

Plus, the main point is that you're acting in a very moralistic sort of way, where you still believe in "right" and see yourself and your actions as righteous, and those that disagree as "other" , against whom all actions are justified.

You're still a huge moralist, and it is even more insidious than most morality because you don't even acknowledge its existence.

As a post leftist myself I'm honestly embarrassed for you and your lack of self awareness in regards to what you're saying and how you are warping an anti-moralistic perspective into a moralistic one in order to justify your actions as "right".

There is no "right".


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I saw you lying to someone and I let them know the truth. If they don't believe me they can go verify it by asking the people on reddit criticizing raddle.

All your bluster, insults, assumptions and accusations can't distract from the simple fact that they can go ask the people hating on raddle and see if what I am saying is true.


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You're the one posturing as ziqs white knight, defending his toxic behavior with cult like devotion.

Someone asked why reddit folks have issues with raddle, and the answer I gave is the actual reason.

But of course youd rather believe a known and admitted liar than allow for accurate criticism of your little idol there.

Personally I think you are clearly ziq, but I don't think it matters at all really.

Question asked and question answered, you can cry about it if you want. But it is the truth.


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Ziq treated a lot of people like shit back when they were on reddit, and used alts to create a lot of animosity. And manipulated and harassed people.

And since they are so associated to raddle people have animosity towards raddle too.

They can blame others, make excuses and lie, but that's the actual answer to your question of the reason anarchists on reddit have issues with raddle.


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I intensely like being me and always have. There's a lot about my life that sucks, a lot of really rough patches, and a lot that I've had to change and am still working on, but just the feeling of existence, of filling out the space of being myself, I've always loved it, even when shit was real bad.


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People who support the program of mainstream political parties m could do more. They could sell their house, donate all the money to the political campaign, they could quit their job and live out of their car and spend all their time spreading the message of that party. But no one really does that, and yet their commitment to their beliefs aren't questioned when all they do is show up every now and then to vote.

Anarchists do a lot more than just show up and vote, and the fact that most of them don't literally sacrifice their lives in pursuit of their beliefs really shouldn't be enough to call into question the degree to which they actually hold those beliefs.


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No one would need to do the former and inadvertently do the latter if ziq wasn't such a wretched liar and manipulative bully for years.

I swear, the only people I've seen defend such an obvious liar and terrible person as ziq is Trump supporters.


SouthsideGrackles wrote (edited )

"Stop tolerating this toxic behavior."

Agreed, but I think it is clear at this point that any community that doesn't tolerate toxic behavior is one in which you would have no place.

You're never going to change as long as you keep rationalizing and justifying your behavior and as long as you keep seeing yourself as the victim in all this.

People are bringing your past up because it shows how your behavior here is part of a long term pattern. You only have yourself to blame for acting like this for years.


SouthsideGrackles wrote

They think what they did was ok, don't they? They think it was healthy and justified.

They can rationalize their behavior all they want, but the fragmented fluid becoming of identity and consciousness isn't a justification for harassing and manipulating people. They used their behavior to hurt people, control people and to get their way over them, there's no metaphysics or psychology that can justify doing that.

I'm still pretty flabbergasted with hiw many people are pretty ok with what was done or believe that the behavior has or even will stop.


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Does ends mean the result or the purpose? I can see an argument for the result justifying the means, but not the purpose. What people's goals are doesn't matter at all. What matters is what they do and what happens. Like look at Lenin. His purpose was communism, but the means he chose didn't have that result. Ironically in an attempt to accomplish his purpose he chose means which resulted in the opposite.